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GreenThunder 4x4 Tent


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My lights arrived!!!! The boxes came while I was home for lunch so I only had time to open the little one


I'm amazed at how fast these were able to be delivered to ALASKA (six days after placing order, on a Saturday) The shipping method was USPS and the cost only $14. Soooooooo can anyone tell me (and thousands of other Alaskans) why soo many vendors won't ship to us?


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Well darnit they sent me the shorter heat sinks instead of the xl.


I've sent an email and am sure they'll exchange but I was so hoping to hang them tonight.

Now for happier, non grow related, news...
Last weekend my cousin found a fb message to her mom, my dad’s sister. It was from a woman who said she was adopted at 10 days old AND the paperwork lists my grandparents as her birth parents!!!
Now, they already had 6 kids when this woman was born and had one more after. There was never talk of one having been given up for adoption however my grandmother had twins that were (said to be) stillborn. My grandparents and her adoptive parents have all passed so it’s likely we’ll never know why she was adopted. My dad and his youngest sister are sure it was without my grandmother’s knowledge or consent. Perhaps one (or both?) of the twins was actually born living.
It gets a bit crazier… her husband worked for the same employer my dad has worked for, though at least a decade apart. They have lived in the same area three times, though not at the same times. AND she lives in the same town in Alaska that I live and I met her yesterday!!! She has a very strong resemblance to my grandmother and I have no doubts about her DNA; however the youngest sister is going to be tested, just to be sure.


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sent an email and am sure they'll exchange
I waited a few days and no reply so I called. They said they'd look into it and send replacements with a return label. Couple more days, still no word from them so call again. They assured me they did send the replacements and would email the tracking. Still no email. They are in the process of moving their warehouse so I'm sure they are busy but that does nothing to sooth my impatience.

Maybe harvesting Laughing Buddha will help?!





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I finally got an email from hlg… I thought it would be the tracking info but nope. It’s just a confirmation!! :confused: When I last spoke with them I was given the impression they’d already shipped them. More dang waiting
Turned out to be a shorter wait than I thought when I posted that during lunch today.... the replacements were delivered this afternoon!! I think whoever sent the package didn't communicate with whoever replies to emails. I hope they read my email before sending another set!!


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I finally got an email from hlg… I thought it would be the tracking info but nope. It’s just a confirmation!! :confused: When I last spoke with them I was given the impression they’d already shipped them. More dang waiting
Wait is over!! The shipping guy apparently hasn't talked to the email guy.... I hope they do communicate with each other before another set gets sent

Two 260 XL QBs have officially replaced the HPS in the GreenThunder tent!!


We are fully qb, from sprout/rooting into veg and through flower


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The grape ape clone has been harvested, dried, and jarred. Weight at harvest was 960g and though we didn't take a dry weight I'm guessing 6-7 oz (8 qt jars)



After the harvest there were 2 remaining in the tent, Laughing Buddha clone and a GA clone (taken from a clone) Two more have been added, another GA clone-clone and a Triple Cheese (a recent gift!)

Group shot





The GA clone-clone twins, one flipped 2-3 weeks earlier than the other


I love new pistils!!


Last is that LB clone that was so sickly, doesn't she look great!!



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Amelia has gone to a new home. I know he’ll love her as much as we did… and he’ll share a bit when she’s done.

Decent roots



She's in need of a good pruning, I gave her new dad instructions on how to do that; whether he listened is another story. Some guys have a hard time taking lessons from a woman.


A week ago she was quite open in the center, a little pulling and bending filled her in just right



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I'm nearly finished with my diy octopot and could use some advice


There's a hole in the res lid and in the bottom of the bucket for the wick


(I will be covering the res with black contact paper)

I have 3 options for the wick...


I cut everything to fit the 6" netpot but the bottom of it sits 4" above the bottom of the res and I think it should be deeper. The other two extend 2 more inches but I'd have to cut another bucket to be able to use the yogurt container. Do you think the 8" netpot will be too big for a wick?



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I decided to take the path of least resistance and used the 8" netpot. Finished the unit last night and put "Canna'tsu x Timewreck" in it (can we give this strain a proper name?!)
It's pretty rough, my tote is from the second hand store and didn't have a lid so I cut down a larger tote lid. I may need to add joists to it as the lid is bowing a bit. I added 1 gallon of nutes at 1050ppm and 5.8 pH



I cut a hole for adding water/nutes and one for a bobber on a dowel (yet to be added)


I think I might use something like this instead of a PVC scrog



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I've got some beauties this round, if I may say so myself :peace:

This is Pineapple Chunk clone; she was cut 65 days ago and showed her first pistils 15 days ago



Canna'tsuX timewreck is flourishing in my diy unit.


Zkittlez isn't an overall beauty but her buds are much prettier than the camera can capture. She's on day 57 since pistils (and maybe foxtail?)






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Many changes in the tent... Zkittlez was harvested (1450g wet!!) And Canna'tsuXtimewreck was kicked out for growing balls!! Most of them were opening to reveal a white pistil so I was trying to believe they were all just fat calyx. But I couldn't be 100% sure and I'd much rather lose one than risk having to shut down my grow room to sterilize.




So what is going on in the tent? Pineapple Chunk clone is gorgeous at day 33 in flower (when pistils first appeared)



And the autopots have moved in!!

Jamaican Berry super auto




The autopots moved in about a week ago and were germinated about 37 days ago. They are being fed with the Lucas formula plus calmag. I also use hydroguard and Flying Squirrel 7z


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