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I have become more and more engaged in the art of growing my produce outside, and would like to extend the season, and what I plant. I have respected the cannabis plant for many decades, the smell, the visual of colorful and crystal tight buds. Recently I received the pleasure of long term pain relief, after a friend gave me some bud. This engaged my desire to experiment with the different strains and test some of my grow knowledge. I am thankful for this site and the wealth of collective information it provides. As I clear and prepare my indoor grow space, I will be studying the different processes and plants, and probably ask as many questions.
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Greetings 1cabean and thanks for joining us on the best site for promoting cannabis awareness :420: :welcome:

Looking forward to seeing you make the transition from outdoor to indoor and curious to hear your take on the different challenges of each.

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:welcome: TO :420:

THIS site offers unlimited info and trusted sponsors to help u achieve your goal .

check out this section since most the questions that u come up with have already been asked & answered . plus u can ask whatever questions u don't find and have them answered ..
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