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Yes, the movement to end repression of nature extends across all borders and we are all aligned to promote an end to the madness of so many decades. It is so encouraging to see pockets of freedom emerge and spread, but none should become complacent until the mindless oppression against a plant (and the people) is eliminated around the globe.

I never thought I would live to see the tide turning but hope it is not too late for me as I live in a state still under full prohibition. My first grow was in 1975 of some amazing Oaxacan green that produced 1 meter colas outdoors. I tried a number of indoor grows back then as well but the fluorescent grow tubes produced more stretch than product. Technology has greatly improved so I may return to micro-horticulture to produce meds I dearly need for health issues but can't obtain in my state.

I am also considering relocation to a state with friendlier medical or rec laws and may establish a 420 business if I find some able partners or advisors. I have a chemistry degree and the engineering and project management experience to make it happen, plus some long-term extractions and analysis knowledge honed over many years. I will start networking soon to chart a new path as I am ready to invest my savings, sweat and know-how into establishing a business in an unsaturated newly-legal state to help others in similar need as myself.

Given the difficulties in transport of samples and products, I see potential localized opportunities in UPLC analysis (potency, turpenes & pesticides) and in extractions (supercritical CO2 and solventless) to support the locality's needs and desires. I must now educate myself on how to operate a business effectively under the archaic banking restrictions that still persist for legal, permitted businesses. I have the capital for start-up but am hesitant about the cash flow and operations aspects so I have some learning yet to do.
Any advice and experience from the 420 community is always welcome :Namaste: and I am truly honored to have joined this highly knowledgeable group. I truly look forward to paying it forward in the days to come....


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Please let me know if you have any questions.
We are truly grateful that you have joined us!

Many thanks, BEATEO! I am glad I found these forums and members seem so friendly and helpful. I just wish there was a forum section on the business/permitting/banking aspects of establishing and running a 420 business for patients and/or customers. There are few resources out there for relevant information, which makes it a rough decision to risk one's retirement savings on starting a business. Hopefully I will find some trailblazers with experience and advice to help guide my way through the briar patch(es). Thanks again!
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