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Greetings everyone!


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Howdy everyone, hope you are doing fantastic and thank you for reading this. Names Brix, id say im a relatively new grower. I do have some experience but i definitely need to learn alot more! Witch im incredibly excited about. Cannabis is my passion and i want to learn about it as much as I can. I have PTSD from my time in the army. So this helps me decompress and i look forward to everything about the plant. I want to make some of the best quality sticky, smelly, tasting flowers i can. I have the passion, dedication, and means to get anything done. I thank you for reading my ramble, heres some bud pics of the 1st grow :) my new set will be 2 plants. 1 auto 1 reg. I have a Krishna Kush (Colorado Seed Co.) And Auto Blackberry Kush (Dutch Passion). Ill be decideing if i want to make a grow journal. As i dont know how to do one and also i dont know if i want to post that on the internet. Let me know what you think. And thanks again :)



Blew Hiller

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Welcome Brix...lots of people here for similar reasons so you will feel at home.

I def recommend starting a Grow Journal. It helps you keep track of the progress but more importantly you get some very valuable feedback from people that have already learned most of the hard lessons...saving you time and money (and heartache). Big Brother has better things to worry about than cannabis (imo) and Sessions is looking over his shoulder every day anyways...Keep it generic, don't include obvious indicators (faces, address, descriptors) and you'll be fine. I believe they even strip the photos of GPS data before they get posted. I am in a legal State so I am less worried, but still worth an ounce of prevention. The benefits of posting far outweigh my concerns of the Feds. (Besides, haven't you heard? Iran is our greatest threat! Or is is NK? Or China...I lose track ...:laugh:)

Looks like you are growing indoors ...not many people mix autos and photos in the same grow because the lighting schedules can conflict. I am not an indoor expert so I will defer to someone else. However I do grow both autos and photos and they both have their strengths.



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Howdy Blew Hiller, thank you for the nice welcome and information. I have been browsing around and i definitely like what i see. Alot of great people helping other great people. Seams like a good community to be apart of and im excited!

Thank you for putting it into perspective. And you are right. As long as i dont do anything i know i shouldnt. Everything should be fine. Plus everyone has the see these ladys ill be growing. :)

On the auto and fem plants. I have a completely new set up. I tore my old set up down and i have now transitioned to Grow tents and LED. I have 2 tents at the moment. One will be for the auto flowers. Other for photo. This way i can have 2 completely different set ups. I cant wait for the new seeds to pop open.

Thank you again for saying hello!!


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Hey there Chris Scorpio! Hope you are doing fantastic bub!

For this new Tent Set up we will be using a FFHF/Perlite (55/45) in Smartpots, But i might do one in a Airpot not sure haha havent used Airpots yet.

Nutes will be BPN (Blue Planet Nutrients) Elite Series High Yield System + Gold Shield and CalMag Pro <--- (just have on hand if needed)

And i think i will be doing a Journal. Sounds like fun plus i love talking about it.

The Seeds are Krishna Kush from Colorado Seeds Co. and a Auto flower BlackBerry Kush from Dutch Passion.

Time to have some Tangerine Sunset and relax, Life is grand :51::bong::yummy:

what are you up to Chris?


My seed collection i have.

God Bud by BC Bud Depot, The Purps by BC Bud Depot, Blueberry by Cropking, Guptilla by Colorado Seed Co, Aloha Limone by Colorado Seed Co, Krishna Kush by Colorado Seed Co, 24k Gold by DNA Genetics, DJ's Gold by DNA Genetics, Girl Scout Cookies by Cali Connection, Blackberry Kush Auto by Dutch Passion, Silver Bullets by MoC, Blue Amnesia by MoC, Mandarin Haze by MoC
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Chris Scorpio

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I used Fox farm ocean forest when I started, was a good learning soil for sure

Now happy frog dosent have nutes so is also a great option but more reliant on the nutes indeed

Nice seeds ya got. Next year I'll be researching more USA strains for sure


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Yeah i like Happy Frog, i can be more in control of the Nutes they get. Plus i got the best stuff BPN has so this should be a nice grow. i only had the 3 part last time. no bloom boosters or anything. This time i have everything from A to Z.

Yeah i cant wait to start alot of these, but the Colorado seeds are top shelf A+++ grade. I have no clue what ones i will do next haha. im just going to focus on these 2 babys 1st. (Witch they are Germing now waiting for them to crack and tap root)



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Nice to meet you Brix, welcome to the community. You have a good collection already. Way ahead of me. I'll shout out to you from time to time. Look forward to reading your journal.

Hey there Zincite! Thank you for the warm welcome. Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for the compliments. My collection is always growing :) hey anytime you need any info, if i know it i will gladly help you out. And ill probably put upnthe journal tonight. :)

Thanks again mate! Talk to you soon
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