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Greetings fellow tokerz n smokerz


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i'm pretty new to forums. propably wot u call a n00b.
been on another forum which is non-weed related. all i want to do is talk about weed so i thought i best find a more suitable place to hang :allgood:

this place looks more like it. :3:

ive been toking for about 15 years. since the year 2000 i have only smoked pure weed. i dont mix with vile tobacco. much prefer the cleaner buzz of a pure hit.

I usually smoke a couple of pure reefers at work a day. 1 jst b4 my gym workout 4 times a week. I normally use a bong at home. i love bongs. chilled from the fridge. :bong:

ive also got a Vapir 1 but only use it now and again
i smoke weed because its my poison of choice. some people drink. i toke. also i'm a tad mentally addicted to it. ah well

hope i get to know some interesting and cool people :smokin3:

oh. 1 more thing. i tried smoking Salvia 2 mights ago. very weird plant that 1. i was wasted :laugh2:
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