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Greetings. :) First timer with grow space dilemma


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Hi all... new guy here. I have been lurking for a few days now. Lots of great information here on the site. I'm About to set sail on my first grow. Actually, it's already in progress. A friend gave me 3 clone babies. Blue City Diesel.

They are sitting in veg right now. Wanting to keep them small. In fact, I probably will only keep 1 of them as I don't have much room nor do I need/want a lot. I'm really looking for quality over quantity. I'm finding it hard to choose which one. Not because one seems better than the other... Rather, choosing one over the others and letting the others die feel like I'm committing abortion. ;)

Since this is an Introduce Yourself section, I won't go into detail about my grow or issues I'm facing, rather, I will go create a new post in the proper area.

Here is my thread on my dilemma


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redbarchetta, :welcome:to our wonderful site! :) There are some incredibly knowledgeable people on here and so willing to help. I couldn't do my grow without them. Good luck and if you need anything, don't be afraid to post it. I found that once I started a grow journal, experienced growers came out of the woodwork to help me out! :peace:


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Thanks Beateo... I will do that.

Some day i want to get my hands on some of that old 70s/80s (what some called dirt weed) Columbian Gold. I remember that stuff back in the day. it was brown, full of seeds, but very earthy smelling.

devils letuce

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welcome to :welcome: .i will ck out your dilemma.
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