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greetings from bc canada


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Hi Canada, (totally bummed out and ashamed of usa exceptance of jack-ass Bush and his horde of stumble bum galoots).
I'm descended from the original North Americans so culturally I know the father in Washington is greasing my butt to slip me his tube of putrified meat.
The one consistent truth is "Where there's dope, there's hope."
I've been on board following the sovernignty grab the us is forcing on our northern brothers and sister, Marc Emery, Michelle, and MJ man in BC.
Thank you Canada for flying in his face and good luck in shouting out the truth "Medical marijane is a life saving and life enhancing herb, if there's to be a future for this cesspool known as civilized Earth, POT will be a very important factor in quality of life."
I hope to see when the world wakes up and realize This world will only bloom after GWs term is over and he leaves DC.
Stand tall my Canadian friends.:bong:
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