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Greetings from Illinois


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I loved to get high! About 12 years ago, my workplace implemented a zero tolerance drug policy. One hot drop and you got fired! I would of left but the pay was too good and I had too many years in so, I probably only got high about a half dozen times after that when I knew I'd be off long enough to drop clean when I went back and was bummed.

I recently retired so I'm free to do as I please again but I moved to a new area and don't know anyone to score from. Being the paranoid type, I decided I'd grow my own, save a boatload of money, and get the dope I wanted. I've always been partial to the sative cerebral high and when you score, you never know exactly what you're getting.

I'm 51 living in the Starved Rock area (Illinois).
I'm handy and can fix just about anything.
I'm a technogeek.
I like to grow stuff so I hope I will be able to contribute here.

Herb Fellow

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Congrats on the retirement! And an even bigger CONGRATULATIONS for the opportunity to live the life you desire high on your own homegrown.


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Thanks to both Boss and Herb Fellow for the warm greetings. I hope to be able to contribute to your forums. I have done allot of reading so I won't be asking (hopefully) stupid questions and I always use the search function first (novel concept, huh)? LOL

Thanks again!


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Wow...Starved Rock!!! I used to go there on small vacations with my family back in the day... Beautiful area, especially in the fall when the leaves turn colors!!! Welcome Illinois!!! Born and raised there myself for 20 somthin years!!!
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