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Greetings from JAMAICA

alfred morgan

New Member
Hello Everyone,
I'm blown away, I cannot believe how many people are here, I'm totally impressed.
Anyway I wish you were here having some of our naturally grown, outdoor, organic hybrids and the warm sunny weather and sippin on a Red Stripe beer. But since you can't, we will link on this site until better times. Keep safe and pain free.
It's my first time so I'm going to check everything out.


New Member
welcome here alfred may you stay 4ever...thanks for joining the merry band...:37: we share a love of beatles i see...i dig gene vincent too...stay in touch mon...


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welcome and i wish i was there too!


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Yes I. Welcome to that site. I'm a fellow yardi. Mi have people in Glendavon district Bottom Penn. Ima take a trip back to Jamaica as a graduation treat. So I will be on those good Herb u got. Yes I
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