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Greetings from Mother Africa


Hi all. :) Been smoking weed for 20+ years, and love it! Am a highly qualified engineer and productive member of society. So much for stoners being unmotivated :3: Weed is part of our culture here, everyone smokes and you can get it everywhere. Not much reason to grow it yourself, as it's freely available and dirt cheap. :51:Peace all...:peace:

Jim Finnel

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Welcome! Glad that you found us. You are the first African I've met here. If we have other African members I'm not aware of them. We do have members from around the globe though. I look forward to knowing you better. I started smoking in 67 and I'm still here.


Thanks for the welcome :)

Like I said, smoking is a big part of our culture, but very few people are on the 'net.

We grow very good weed here, 90% of it is exported to Europe. Next time you're in Amsterdam, ask for some Swazi ;-)

Cheers :)


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we had some packages come through here with an African seal on them.

Y'all maybe known farther than Ya' think Brother :3:
Good weed but Brick weed,
same compressing For Transport we see from South America.
Mashes the seeds and makes hard to clean out.

Not to mention the varying of sight quality from bud to bud,
some had nice ripe red hairs while some didn't.
very littl' cure to it also

Ay what can I say, I'm picky
But it was Good :3:


Agree with you there man. Compressed brick not good.

Unfortunately, the laws of economics make it so.

Also, it's more of a home industry, not professional.

That's why I'm glad I live here, get it pristine and fresh :)


I guess that's why people like to grow their own :3:

Lucky we got no transport issues here! I just got to transport it two blocks to my house, into my bowl. :bong:

Seriously, truckloads of the stuff gets moved around. Johnny Law mostly turns a blind eye :allgood:


It's so lekker, just go 'round to the convenience store to score :3:


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Welcome Mr Val...Africa, wonderful!:3::peace:


Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome :3:

Just goes to show, weed knows no borders :allgood:

(And that's as it should be :peace:)
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