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GREETINGS From NANZ in Southern California!


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I began growing medical marijuana several years ago. I am a medical marijuana patient, cultivator, teacher and consultant. Over the last 3 years my focus has been soley on indoor 100% organic medical marijuana cultivation. I use all 100% organic Canna products made in the Netherlands for my cultivation needs. My goal is to produce the highest quality and most potent medical marijuana possible.

My professional background is in the corporate real estate world where I spent the last 20+ years in the real estate development and executive management arena. I left the corporate real estate world approximately 1 year ago and dedicated my focus completely to medical marijuana cultivation and education. I have a Degree in Metaphysics and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I have taught seminars, classes and wrote articles in both the real estate development area as well as for medical marijuana cultivation. I have consulted and set up numerous medical marijuana grow operations both small and large and currently work with a vast network of medical marijuana professionals, patients and collectives in all aspects of medical marijuana cultivation.

I do not profess to know it all, but do know much based on my own experience, education, trial and error, and using an approach of humility in all I do and communicate, with the goal to keep learning everyday, and always keeping an open mind as well as an open ear. I am passionate about helping patients who have a need and desire to advance their knowledge base and education for medical marijuana cultivation.

Patients Helping Patients!

Nanz is dedicated to the medical marijuana community and the compassionate use act.

All the BEST to this great community!


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:35: NANZ,
Introduction was Fantastic!
Very glad you have found us here on 420. :welcome:

Please work along side us and Spread Cannabis Awareness.

Wonderful Thing you are Offering, My Friend. :thanks:

Looking forward in hearing more from you throughout the Forums.
Wishing you Greenest Canna Regards,


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Hi NANZ, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
:thanks: for gracing us with your growing knowledge. :adore:
I hope to see a in the near future a grow journal by you. :439:
Take a look at the month of April contests. Your vote counts.
I'll see you in the forums.
:ciao: :peace:


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:welcome:Welcome to 420 bro, very glad you joined us.

If you have the time,
I'd like to hear "why organic"??? Is there really a difference? How? In what way?

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