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Greetings from New England


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High :420: , a little late to introduce myself but here we go. I'm Matt. I came to this site for some info and tips on growing some medical cannabis for myself and my aunt. I'm so glad I found this place...its great!!~!!! My first journal was a bust, as I went 3 for 3 with males but I'm looking forward to starting my next journal with some great female genetics. I'll keep ya posted. Happy growing! :cheer:

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High Matt, with 101 posts, I guess you know your way around and I'm sure you've read the guidelines by now but please do if you haven't already...k?

It just saves a lot of time and confusion for the staff later.

Welcome to the best forum anywhere! :welcome:


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Hey there Matty Trips what's the good word? :welcome: to the :420: Family:party: We are here to spread Cannaibis Awareness and Information across the Universe and have been in operation since 1993. Good Luck and stay safe!

Thanks Wingman,:thumb::thumb: great to see some fellow ocean staters around here. I look forward to being a part of this great community!!


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thanks fratdogg, yup..living in the ocean state.

Yeah Brother we are the next Frontier of Medical Marijuana in America.

"All in Our Industry must stand together, or we're done"- Steve D'angelo
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