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greetings from Syria

Akey Lamy

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Hello growers, stoners, high people all around the world, I've recently discovered this great site as I was surfing the internet and doing a research on growing cannabis, I got my hands on some seeds and wanted to try it out and I realized what a great experience it is to grow a plant and take care of it day by day as if it's your own baby, I hope I become a useful member in this amazing forum, I live in Syria, I'm 21, nice to meet you all, peace.

devils letuce

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:welcome: to :420:
you have picked the best site to read our stoned findings lol .


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Welcome to these forums. I am new here and new to growing. The people here are helpful and friendly. I know what you mean about taking a plant from seed all the way through flowering. I actually felt kind of sad when I chopped them down. I did however, thank them for doing so well despite the mistakes I made. I am just in the process of drying my first grow and am still amazed that I was able to grow buds that I used to only look at in magazine pictures!.

With all that is going on in your country, it must be hard. Maybe if everyone would get stoned they would get along better. I hope that you get as much as I have gotten from this web site.
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