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Sorry for bein' so dramatic, but I have a really good feeling actually stepping up after all these years of smoking, (and 3-4 times of growing), and making the decision to sign up to my favorite past-time forum.
Well, simply because it's considered illegal in my country to cultivate. For possession you can get into trouble here, no jail, but a record, possibly loss of drivers license may occur between 6 months to 3 years, perhaps even community work, and community work in here is a word lightly put. and well then lots of possibilities are closed for you job-wise, BUT, if you get caught growing here, without a good lawyer, it's shower quality time in prison for you.. so yep, it's out of fear of writing about it here, that stopped me from signing up sooner.

It's 2 am here and the wife's asleep, as I mentioned earlier, I have a really good feeling, not just stepping up, but taking a small taste from my current babygirl, so I will make this a long introduction and hopefully tomorrow when the babygirls are awake, I'll even post some photos of them and my current project. But to those who don't feel like reading a bunch of stuff from high I and I, then i'll be brief. I'm R.. just R, 31 y/o. been a recreational smoker for 8-9 years, I'm an amateur grower, not a complete noob, but then again, I didn't really consider growing professionally since I already have a profession, but I really really love nature, love plants and herbs and that's what mainly brought me closer to indoor cultivating this amazing plant. Right now I have 3 ladies in a small closet, 1 Albanian skunk, and 2 white widow girls. The Albanian one is gigantic, it's probably in the seed's genetics to grow this large. You see, I didn't put a net or any support for my plants because of the way they appeared to grow, the two white widows are small enough to easily hold the weight of the buds, while the Albanian lady, she's gigantic, I'd say assessing by eye, she's about 1.6m tall, (in that poor small closet yes), and she's taking allot of space, the other two sisters are smaller, mainly because I ran out of pots to plant and had one of the two remain in a 3-4 liters pot, while the others are in an eighter. I will do my best to find the time and upload a video or at least some photos tomorrow.

Now, to the point of all this longass prefix, A couple of days ago, while I was misting the ladies, I came to a realization. Since it's illegal here to grow, and you can easily be held accountable for growing with intent to sell, which is not my case, then you can go to jail for several years. I am ex military, and I still to reserves service every now and then and it's difficult for me psychologically because of PTSD that I am coping with for many years since and this is the reason why I began smoking in the first place all this time ago, it is the only thing that helps, the only thing! I realized that I don't want to be paranoid every day while at work, I don't want to put my wife into any unnecessary risk, and surely I don't want to have my ass hauled to the pen, but here, the price for bud is unrealistic, with all the economical crisis, my country appeared to not have suffered it only on papers to keep their good credit ranking, in reality, many here did suffer, myself included. 1 gram of weed, and I say weed because here, mostly you can't be sure about what sort you're getting, from one source for a short time it can be something fantastic from haze family, or sometimes even Jack Herrer and alikes for 25-30 USD, or sometimes, it can be some guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, and then you can be thankful for getting something that looks like weed at all, but in most cases through unknown sources you just buy Hash and get it over with, and even that can sometimes be laced or outdated or complete bogus even. now I spend 500 USD a month on pot, I need it and I can't help but spend this money because for me, this is the best and only medicine that I am willing to take, since it's the first thing that helped me sleep at nights and not have nightmares, and it's a natural product, not labeled and packed medicine that god knows what it consists.. I am sticking to that, and with that in mind, I decided to start growing organic, but instead of growing a small closet crop, where I am lucky to fit 3 plants. I decided I'd rather save those 500 USD every month, and go on a nice vacation with my wife in a few months instead, I mean, taking the risk already as it is, now, to the five-o, 3 plants and 10 plants, are the same in terms of law, and to accuse me in growing for financial profit, will probably happen weather I grow 3 plants or 10 plants, or 300 plants, but me, I just love to :volcano-smiley: and if I'm already that crazy to have 3 ladies in my closet now, then why not just build a bigass closet and have 10 ladies from whom I can harvest enough to last me a year or more, not waste 500 USD a month anymore, not go and meet some shady dealers that make you feel paranoid all the time with the way they behave around you when giving you the "product", not carry stuff on you and ninjaing your way out of that bad neighborhood not to be seen and prayin' you'll get home with that Oz.

I decided to build my own growset and get all the equipment for this project from A to Z, to grow the single, biggest yield of my life, and use one of the rooms to build a selfmade closet (never done that before, but I have a weird knack for learning fast) , and I just wanted to share my journey with those of you, who care to follow.

Thank you and much:green_heart:

a magical night to ya all.


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:welcome: Silveredseven to the number 1 site on the web for cannabis awareness!
Hope all is well in your world.
If you intend to grow, I recommend starting a grow journal so our most experienced growers can find and assist you!
Here are some links that may be of assistance to you:

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Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Hi Beateo, Thank you! I'm grateful to be here :) I'll be sure to check the links out, I'm already familiar with the grow journal, it helped me allot already and will continue to do so.
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