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Greetings my green-thumbed friends


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Greetings my green-thumbed friends,

i just started my first 'semi-professional' grow (using more then just sunlight) and could do with some pointers and advice. Please check out my Journal...

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I have started growing a couple of times with bag seeds and sunlight.. with less then moderate success. Each time it was still great fun tho! so this time i'm investing a bit of money to do it properly. As we all know, its an expensive hobby to be a toker if its not your own you're smoking ;)

i"m still young (24) but have been smoking for the best part of 10 years.. so have spend more then enough of my hard earned money on bud haha

pleasure to meet you all, and am looking forward to get to know you and your tips and tricks.


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How could I forget to mention WHY i started growing..

A few months back I moved 1200miles across Europe into a different country.. so no contacts whatsoever to get hold of any bud..
and thats without the language barrier i'm facing (I do not speak the language of the country i moved to.. working on that tho), even if i do meet somebody who can help me out. Should've thought about that before I guess haha who would have thought life would look this grey without the shade of green in your life. So far i have been reliant on care packages (letters) good friends of mine have been sending across multiple borders.. not the best way to live. But 13/14 letters arrived, so I have been lucky on that front.

And not to forget, respect to my postman. One letter was ripped open, with the baggy still inside, just about 0.1g missing. Guess everyone deserves a taste if they have to smell it ;)

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:welcome: Greenman90!
That postman story is truly funny. Happy growing to you and good luck with adapting to your new environment and growing the great weed.
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