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Greetings to all at 420 from another newbie


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Greetings all

I attempted a grow many years ago with poor results. But after reading about and seeing many of your results, I'm going to try again. I am still in the planning stage, thought it would be best to hear the thoughts of others more experienced than I.

My situation dictates the use of an indoor stealth cabinet. I have looked at several (cabinet grow, super closet, grow box usa). Leaning towards the grow box because the controls and power connections are inside.

Thinking about using LED lighting because of they draw less current and are cooler.

Not sure about hydroponics though. I may buy a cabinet with hydroponics but grow in soil on the first couple of attempts.

I welcome any and all comments.


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Hi Duckster and welcome to the best site for promoting cannabis awareness to end its prohibition
:420: :welcome:

LED is a great choice, I got mine from one of our sponsors and they are performing flawlessly! I'm curious about hydro but it seems like more to go wrong to me so I stick to organic soil.

If you want a quick guide to using and navigating the site check out New Member Start Links. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post them up in FAQs or in specific forums.

Have a great green day! :)



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Hey Pantagruel
Thanks for the greet and tip

The real question is, did you make it to 1/2 lb. I would be happy to get 1/4 lb out of the small space I have planned


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All depends on how much light you put in and how much love the plant gets! I personally never expect to get any results and am pleasantly surprised when I yield anything.

Hydro is nice because it takes the guess work out of the roots. It can be hard to tell ph, nutrient levels and problem solve in soil. In DWC you have direct access to roots and with the right tools you can problem solve much quicker and easier.

Each their own in their own time though so have fun, good luck and :welcome:!


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rule of thumb is highest-lowest yield aero, hydro, soil
highest-lowest quality soil, hydro, aero
Also note that the majority of cannabis cup winners last year were in organic soils. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rules of thumb.
And to J's point - hydro problems will be recognized much more quickly, typically within 3 days whereas soil will take around 10 days to see issues. So you can correct things more quickly in hydro. For soil just remember not to overfeed, over-water or overheat and you'll be fine.


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This is also true. The tastiest, highest quality plants are usually masterfully grown in organic, high brix style soils. Technically if you use the high brix schedule and routine you should never, ever have a problem, ever.

Either way I always suggest having fun with it as much as possible. My opinion: you learn better when having fun!
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