Greetings tokers


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I'm a 20 year old male from Maine. I go to school for Computer Graphics in Connecticut where I live most of the year. I create artwork in Photoshop, websites in Dreamweaver, code myspacelayouts occasionally, make animations in Flash and Maya. Tonight's a school night and it's midterms week before spring break. I've got plenty of work to do so I'm smokin from my trusty bowl to help me through it.

I'm an avid guitarist, been playing for over 12 years now. I'm in a band with my best friend Shawn from Maine and he plays drums. We play very experimental math-rock type stuff, just the two of us. :tommy: :headbanger:

I've only been smoking about a year and a half, but I've come to love it dearly. It expands my mind and lets me appreciate music and intensify my love for it. I prefer to write songs stoned, but not when playing them live.:laughtwo:

This website is really awesome, I've enjoyed looking through all the information and pictures. Hope to get to know some of you. :adore:
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