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Hello all. I've been a lurker here for sometime but never registered for some reason, probably cause I was high. Anyways I'm 19 and enjoy music, poetry, and pretty much every other medium of art.


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Trev...Nice finally Joined alright. :thumb:
Do you have any Questions about the Member Features offered here?
So you think you know your way around, if not We can help.
Great Community here Huh?
Totally Cool, Positive People who just Love this Wonderful Plant, like yourself.
Learning all we can, Getting most from it.
Stick around and Post Often.
Thanks for coming aboard. :peace:


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Hi Trev, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
Being an art lover? That is way cool. :slide:
Appreciating the finer things in life is what we do here. :439:
:thanks: for joining us.
19 and a long way to grow. Older that is.
Enjoy my brother and I'll see you in the forums.
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