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Hi there, I hail from the Northern Kentucky area, nearish to Newport.

I myself am not as yet a smoker, but I am very sympathetic to the movement to legalize, and depending on how things go for me I may soon seek out some friends who I know would be willing to share.

Anyhow, a big hi and lots of hugs to everyone! *hands out brownies* Hope to meet lots of cool people here.



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Oh that's always nice to have sympathetic non-smokers on the site, it lets people see that the People know the medicinal qualities of MJ, its not just a stoner's ploy to smoke more pot.

lol, and Im with delicato, I love your profile pic! I need to go watch that cartoon, I aint seen it in like 3 years.

And my brother lives outside of Lexington on a big 8 acre lot, 3 beamers in the driveway (rich fuck....lol), always nice to meet fellow southerners here :)

Keep it lit and welcome to 420! :rasta:


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It is indeed an honor to have you join our forum...we all are pro user
here, so please accept a heart felt welcome Lady_Luck!:allgood:


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^_^ Hey guys, I'm about to go and hit my first joint ever!

Wish me luck!:peace:


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OOooooooooh maaaaaan...

My friend hooked me up and he made a pipe out of an apple -- sweet sh*t right there, man. I am flying so high right now...I feel so great.

Oh man...legalize this stuff now, please! I got the munchies so bad and it feels so good...

*wanders off to sit and giggle in a corner*Peace, guys, peace.:peace:


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Honestly...I don't think I'll ever forget that. Just like my first drink and my first cigarette and my first hookah.

Good times, good times.:peace:
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