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Grnwzrds - 315W CMH - Northern Lights - Coco Grow - Small Setup


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First off hello to everyone and i'm very excited about being on the forum,
ive lurked around here for a bit and finally worked up the courage to join
and post up a journal.

My grow space is about 750mm in width,about 900 high and about 600mm deep.
I'm using a ceramic metal halide philips light and ballast and a 150mm fan and
filter. The plants are growing in coco that i buy in blocks.

The plants started under a 250w hps (which was ok) but finally having a bit of
money one week and always wanting one of these lights i got one. Very happy so
far. A mate of mine has plants the exact same age as mine and went into flower
at the same time, his are hydro and under a 600 and to be honest i think i might
end up getting more off mine, Fingers crossed. Were having a bit of a competition.lol.

I didnt get any pics from their earlier life but they went from cuttings into 100mm pots
for a week or two,then a slightly bigger pot, then a slightly bigger pot again after a week
or so of letting there roots fill the pots.

I started training them with wire basically from the start in the aim to get as many tops
as possible. For the next journal i will document it a lot better, i never thought i'd
be sharing with anybody so i didnt take photo's.

There is just the two girls in the box.

I'm hoping for over 5oz out of it, being the first time ive done it this way it's a pure
guess but i dont think i'd be far off. I'm still learning how to use this site so you
might have to bare with me for the few photos i do have. I put them in my
gallery on here,just gotta get them here.

Ok so here we have a few pics from week 3 flower (one i like in particular)
And a few pics from week 5 (last week) not the best photos but there
will be more to come.

Here's the week 5-

They look like they have a few good weeks left in them and are starting
to bulk up and fatten out nicely. I'm using coco specific grow and bloom and
adding silica as well. To be honest between the light and the coco i have been very impressed
so far. I have grown before on a bigger scale using bigger lights but this little
thing is impressive, not to mention the savings on the power bills.

Any input or comments are welcomed.

Thanks for looking.


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I would remove the growth beneath the net for better air circulation, but now you're already 5 weeks into flower and it's a bit late for a proper defoliation. Nevertheless, prune them selectively, they're getting quite bushy. If you see a fan leaf blocking light to a bud, snip it off or tuck it under.

But do defoliate the growth under the net. It will help a plant to redirect the energy towards the upper regions and help the air circulation.

This is how my ScROG looks below the net:

This was taken nine days ago. In the meantime, even the leaves that are left below the net in this photo are gone. Still more than two months to go till the harvest.


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Thanks for the reply mate, ive taken it easy on these things but i'll take your advice
and clean up underneath a bit more. It is getting bushy and some parts i'm a bit worried
about how many leaves are in there. Nice setup BTW.:thumb:

Tomorrow i'll give the girls a going over and a clean up.

Took a couple of random shots today, day 44 in flower.



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Dug up the only photos i have from the earlier days of the grow.
These pics are taken 11 days after the clones where put in small pots.
The tops of the plants didnt grow much in that time but i always look
underneath the plant to work out how healthy it is.

Beautiful healthy growing roots.



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They had a bit more defol lastnight and the big cola nearest the light i pulled down,
not just to get it from the light but to open more light for sites around it.
Not a big update but photos none the less.

Noticed tonight too, the girls are showing some brown hairs. Looking forward to after
these babys are out, changing strategies a bit and having a bit of a tweak here and there.
Hopefully maximise sites, have everything at a more even level and easier access.

Thanks for looking.


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Day 49 flower. Not much to report, few more brown hairs and the girls
are putting on some weight. Got some shots from different angles to
give a bit of an idea of the setup.

I wanted to drop the humidity a bit so i bought a cheap "dehumidifier" type container
with some kind of dessicant in it and put it in the grow box. It was cheap and works so i'm
happy with that.


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Did a bit more defol tonight and had a good look at the plants. They're a bit
further on than i thought. Ive got about 5 liters of nutes left, I'll give them
that over the next few days, then start flushing. Should be harvesting end of next week.

Here's a bit of northern lights porn

Not long now...


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Harvested the other day. These dates are for my records.

17th of June - clones put in pots

24th of July - plants flipped to flower

23rd of september - harvest

Got a few pics from the day or two it took to clean them. I used
to let it dry on the vine so to speak but because of the way it grew and
how dense it was i decided to trim it now and dry the buds.
Again, not the way i like to do it.

Below is a pic of the screen after i chopped the two stems and pulled the mesh out.

I got a couple of pics of some buds i thought looked nice,

And underneath is a shot of the produce on some screen in the box drying. The more
dense heavy weight stuff is on the left and the smaller popcorn fluffy stuff on the right.

Not going to make a guess at this point but should have some figures by next weekend.

Next grow will be very different and pretty high stress. Going to have a go at the pinwheel training method
or cartwheel, however you like to call it.

Thanks for looking.


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Total yeild was 216 gms or 7.6oz

Aiming for 10 next time.

If this needs to be moved to the completed thread, mods feel free to do so.
I'll start a new journal when i get some more cuttings.

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.



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Thanks David, havn't started a new one yet, waiting on some new baby's to put in the box.
I'll start a new one as soon as i begin.

Peace brother.
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