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Grocery Store is at it Again


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Police went shopping at a Third Street grocery store where marijuana was seized twice before and found 42 more bags of pot, officials said.

The raid at P Grocery Inc., 211 W. Third St., happened shortly before 9:30 p.m. Thursday. The department was investigating complaints from neighbors that marijuana was being sold in the grocery store.

Two suspects who were arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge were affiliated with the store, police said. Charged were Goerge Mason, 30, of 527 S. Seventh Ave., Mount Vernon, and Jeremiah Pryor, 20, of 100 N. Broadway, Yonkers.

Police declined to say how they were affiliated and did not say precisely where the pot was stocked.

It was unclear whether police intended to charge the owners.

The same store was raided and marijuana was recovered Dec. 13 and March 17, 2006.

In a statement, Mayor Ernest Davis and the city's top police official said enough was enough.

"If it is necessary that the police department returns to this location again tomorrow, or next week, or week after week, we will do so," said police Commissioner David Chong.

Police are also investigating the city's legal powers to close a business where criminal activity continues, Chong said.

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Source: The Journal News
Pubdate: 6 January 2007
Author: Rob Ryser
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