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hello people. i need some help.

i am goring a strane off weed in my garden and im wored about how big the roots are going to go. im groing in grodan is there eney way i can control the roots and stop them from groing in to the concret. i have a roof garden on the top of a apartment tower.

thaxs people

Lord Jebus

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It sounds like your planting in a vegetable garden on a building? I wouldnt worry about roots growing into concrete. However, you should not be growing anything with the pot plants besides pot plants.


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the thing is i have the hole off the roof is grodan. 1.5 foot deep i have soterd the draning out and now im more wored about the bushes and trees that i puting in. so it will cove eney one being to nosey. is there a way i can stop the roots from geting in the the dranige sisterm. i live in malasiya and the suns out all day and the rain oftern will be 4 inches in the spase off an houre

thaxs for all ur help and a quick repliy


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Sounds like they would do well IN the drainage system ;-)

Really there is no way to stop them other than putting them in a 5 gallon container, then planting them. You would still have to punch more holes in the container for drainage and each hole is a risk for roots growing out, but I think it would be no problem.

I hear the risk is very high where you live.. Fly low :)
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