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Groovy's Post-Hiatus Hydro Grow - 4x4 - 400MH/600HPS - DWC - 4 Strains

Groovy Bud

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Greetings again :420:

After my long 1 year hiatus, I am returning to hydroponics growing. Many things in me have changed, and I have grown to be less stressed and paranoid about everything I invest time in.

As some of you may recall, I had my journal filled with the most detailed information of what was going on in my growing-room. It proved helpful as I refreshed all my growing experience from re-reading the thread. Nevertheless, I look at it and nowadays I find it a bit too much, and am taking things more calmly and with more patience.

I will keep the regular updates along with illustrative photos and engaging with other members. I believe that sharing knowledge is both a privilege and an honor.

Before we get started on the technicalities I must first thank the whole 420 community for being such pool of information, but especially to Cajuncelt, Light Addict and HunterNitro, my three friends and mentors who have helped throughout my last grow.

This time I am growing 4 plants again, 4 strains, a mix of the left over seeds plus the freebies. So it adds up to:

1 x Blue Dream by Humboldt (proved to be my favorite taste and high, soft dank taste, moderately energenic)
1 x Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds (great yield, earthy favour, super energetic)
1 x Super Silver Haze - by Delicious Seeds (know by yields and for being an ancestor of Super Lemon Haze)
1 x LA Woman -by DNA Genetics (freebie which shows great promise)

My gear is the following:

4x4x7 ft Grow Tent;
2 x DIY DWC reservoir with dripping system;
4 x 30 cm (12inch) airstones (2 per reservoir).
2 x air pump, each with 2 outputs.
300 cfm extractor
425 cfm capacity Carbon Filter
400w MH SunMaster Light Bulb
600w HPS SunMaster
600w Lumatek digital dimmable ballast
Oscillatory Fan(s)
EC and pH pens.


Canna Aqua Vega A,B
Canna Aqua Flores A,B
Hesi Root Complex
Big Bud
Bud Candy

I have sterilized all my grow room and tools, re-checked the tent's structure, air entrances, all the electronics, and tested them. I have replaced out-of-date nutrients and restock on consumables.

Here's how the room looked before the seedlings were in. I always let the system circulate 5.0-5.5 pH water during a week or so (correcting it daily), so the reservoir,tubes and clay don't induce high pH fluctuations later when the seedlings come in.

The Sterilized Room


The Ladies where kept in a closed dome for humidity purposes, trying to keep it around 70%. The smaller seedling is the Blue Dream (BD) as it had to be popped later, as the second LA Woman Seed didn't germinate.

Today, the girls went in the net-pots. The Light Schedule is 24/7 until the end of the week or so. 50 % Canna Vega A and B recommended strength (7ml/10L) and 60-70% Hesi Root Complex (30ml/10L) performing a total E.C of 0.75 (using 0.20 tap water). The Metal Halide is 45-50cm/18-19inch height from the canopy, with canopy's temperature of 25-27ºC/77-80.6ºF


Close-Up on LA Woman (stands in room's bottom left corner), she seems to come with some genetic anomalies on the leaves.

Close-up on Blue Dream (BD), which stands on the top left corner) which was popped 3 days after the others.

Close-up on Super Silver Haze (bottom right corner), promises to have the fastest growing rate.

Close-up on Super Lemon Haze (top right corner)

Top feeding is gonna be applied every 4 hours, by drip. not placed directly on the rockwool.

Oscillatory Fan is set to minimum so it makes them stems wiggle and strengthen.

Comments are appreciated, I'll be back soon with more news. I know this part is the least exciting one, but patience is key at this time.


Groovy Bud

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25.05 UPDATE

Greetings buddies,

Checking in the promised photo update. It has been 5 days since the last update, in which I had just transferred the rockwool seedlings into the netpots along with the clay pebbles.

At the moment, we already have tap roots coming from the bottom of the netpot, so it was time to raise the water level.
The E.C is at 0.75 on the LA/BD reservoir (LA Woman and Blue Dream) and 0.80 at SSL/SLH reservoir (Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze)
pH has been ranging from 5.3 to 6.3, and requires daily correction. It doesn't go above 6.5.
The light source is at approximately 40cm from the canopy, and canopy temperatures are nice and cool. RH is 62-65% (can't get it higher).

Picture Update.

The Whole Room:

Vertical Comparison:

LA Woman Top Shot: here you can see some genetic leaf anomalities.

LA Woman Side Shot:

Blue Dream Top Shot: the "necrotic yellow" spots were water drops that fell into leaves when I was putting the clay pebbles around the rockwool. It seems like it was a bit to acidic.

BD Side:

Super Silver Haze Top: SHE IS GROWING INSANELY FAST. Way faster than Super Lemon Haze

SSH side:

Super Lemon Haze Top:

SLH Side:

Within 2 to 3 days my lighting schedule will change to 18/6 so vegetative growing hormones start coming in. At the moment all I'm focused is in Rooting. As soon as we have a considerable root mass underwater, we can start the actual vegetative growth.

What do you guys think? I feel that I'm 3-5 days ahead compared to my last grow, which is not bad considering the growing speed rate at this early phase.

Best vibes sent over to your gardens.

Stinky Snid

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Looks great Groovybud, I think you're like me with your notes. I take lots of stats and notes then I don't feel like posting them but I figure I might aswell post it, since I spent all that time getting the readings anyways. Good to have you back around the community, I look forward to these gals progress in a few weeks. Consider me subbed, Good luck and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Groovy Bud

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30.09 Update (5 days later...)

Hello again :420:,

Thank you for your visit and sub Snijrajsed, I was feeling kinda lonely out here.
Taking notes is a great part of this art, if you choose being precise and scientific about it. It will help you later comparing results and proving which methods were the most productive.

What has happened since last time?

Nothing much, except for today where a couple of things have changed:

1. Vegetative Light Schedule is On now - 18/6. Still at 250w power. Will push it to 400w in 2 to 3 days.

2. Added 5L extra to each reservoir, readjusting the E.C, and boosting it by a tad, sitting at 0.95 average, with a 0.5 conversion.

3. Added Cannazyme to the mix, since we have a decent root mass submerged already. For some reason, the morning after I noticed some slight yellowing on some the thickest parts (before they branch into smaller roots) of them roots. It is very little and not slimy, and doesn't show up on the submerged roots (it is only on suspended roots that fall from the netpot's bottom, just before they hit the water surface). It can possible be a light coloring caused by Cannazyme, which is yellow. Cannazyme is made of enzimes responsible for breaking down dead roots and other macro compounds so they can be uptake-able by the roots, also keeping them healthy. I'll check if the yellow coloring progresses further, and if so, I might just take off Cannazyme and drop another air pump (2 outputs, one for each reservoir) to add some more oxygen to the mixture.

Photo Update with Comments

They have all grew a lot, initializing the so called exponential curve.

The whole Room.


LA Woman. She seems the smaller of them all, but the internode spacing is admirably short! This is great, as we can expect this little one not to stretch that much upwards.


Super Silver Haze. It's the usual, crazy growth overall. She definitely stands up to her genetics reputation.


Blue Dream. She has actually showed that she can run faster than Super Lemon Haze, which was proved wrong in the last grow.


Super Lemon Haze.


As usual, comments are appreciated.
Let's all hope that this isn't the starting of a root issue, as we all know, root issues are the worst nightmare of a hydroponics grower. It can easily turn into root rot and blow up the whole grow. That's one of the reasons why I am going with sterile hydro. No microbes.
Water temperatures are fine since I went cautious, applying reflective paper all over the lids and the whole reservoir (which is black on the inside). Light leaks towards the water are negligible.
Room Humidity is 55-60% and canopy temperature never surpasses my previously mentioned limit.

Green vibes to you all :Namaste:

Groovy Bud

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I know it's probably late, but I think I must leave some example pictures of the last harvest' cured buds.
Just so you can have a decent look at both strains and maybe even take it into consideration when growing your own.

Proved to be the a hard hitter, with a lot of lemon and earthy smell into it. It is harsher on the throat, but it clearly gives you that energized head high! Great to use during the day. She is a heavy wielder (yields more than Blue Dream, by comparison. She stretches a lot during flowering transitioning, so that into notice that she must be supercropped (taking notes to myself as well, for the next adventure).



Still a head high, but more mellow, more suited for night times. Smooth and sweet flavor, very light on the throat. Yields a lot, indeed, beautiful colored nugs, but gives a lesser income compared to Super Lemon Haze. She is not a stretcher and surely loves being LST'ed and Topped. A must grow forever. My favorite from this last batch.



Groovy Bud

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SSL and BD were topped today. They were the biggest ones, and they were onto starting their 6th node, so it was due time.

The root coloring did not progress, it even got slightly better. Submerged roots are crystal white while the hanging roots can have slight yellow spots. I start believing that some debris that float on the water (nutrient wise) are the cause of yellowing on those spots, because the yellow areas correspond to the water's height level.

pH has been fluctuating a bit more, but it coincides with the adding of more water (it takes time to stabilize again after more tap water has been added) as well as the addition of Cannazyme (enzimes).

Today I noticed the left reservoir's water was starting to heat up a bit. It might be because the oscillatory fan is set on the right side of the room, doing a better job pushing hot air upwards on the right side more than on the left. I try using the cooltube's logic redirecting the hot air upwards and towards the air extractor. I proceeded raising the lights a bit more in height and re-adjusting the fan's direction so it dissipates heat better. I have put some water bottles on the freezer just in case more drastic measures are needed, and throw them in the totes. I have secured better the possible tote's light leaks which can be a cause of water's heating.

Photo updates within a couple of days again.


Stinky Snid

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Groovy Bud

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03.10 Quick Update (3 days later...)

Salutations fellows,

Today I'll let my illustrations speak for themselves. I'm mesmerized by the such fast-paced growth that has taken over my tent.

Technicalities that took place:

1. LA Woman has been micro-topped (minimal stress "surgical" procedure, rather than the most aggressive mainstream topping technique. Kudos to Light Addict, who taught me this a long time ago.

2. EC has been boosted to 1.05-1.07 (from 0.92-0.95) by adding Canna Vega A + B (base nutrients) (10 ml/A and B total). Plus a little increment on Hesi Root Complex (5ml total) and Cannazyme (10 ml total)

3. The 400w Metal Halide bulb has unleashed its whole strength, by tweaking the ballast to the 400w settings (up from 250w mode).

Overall Room Shot

Top-Left Corner: Blue Dream
Top-Right Corner: Super Lemon Haze
Bottom-Left Corner: LA Woman
Bottom-Right Corner: Super Silver Haze

Note that in these pictures they might seem droopy, but mind that I had just been forcing branches downwards and tucking them behind the drip system tubes, and the oscillatory fan is wiggling the leaves (distorts their actual look). Everytime I walk in the tent, they are mostly perky.



In case you might be asking yourself: that yellow cloth is blocking a little crack that allowed some light in the water reservoir.

I'll be checking if the water needs extra cooling due to the bulb's extra heat output (from upping it to 400W power) - if so, I'll add two 2liter frozen bottles per tote.

Well guys, as you can see, so far it has been pretty much auto-pilot, except for the topping. SLH is still missing that topping that will most likely occur tomorrow.
Soon, like tomorrow or the day after I'll be starting the Low Stress Training (LST) by forcing lateral branches horizontally, opposing their natural tendency to grow upwards. I want them to be spread in width so I can take the most of my one single light source, saving room for each lateral branch to fit evenly all over the canopy.

For the next days I'll be thinking about an improvised way of getting a ScroG net over here. Those sure will come handy later on.

Thanks for stopping by,
I hope you're enjoying the ride as much as I am,

Groovy Bud

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05.10 Photo UPDATE

The starting of bending school



BD, she is really fast paced now, overcoming predictions.

LA WOMAN, she is actually the biggest of the room now


SLH. The smallest of them all, completely opposing the last grow journal.

Medium E.C was at 1.10 by this time.


Groovy Bud

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Hey again guys,
Just checking in some more results and further work on LST'ing (bending)
Reservoirs' EC are @ 1.3

The Whole Room

Side Room View

LA Woman. Look at those huge fan leaves.


Super Silver Haze

Super Lemon Haze

I'll get into technicalities soon. Not today tho.


Groovy Bud

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15.10 UPDATE (another 5 days later...)

Yow Yow Yow everybody :love:,

Everything is fine around my garden, thanks to Nature's good will and some average work of mine.

What has been happening over here, you might ask?

I've been insisting more in super-cropping, and a bit of Low-Stress Training as well (bending using garden wire).
From this point further, having no ScroG (screen of green), super-cropping seems to be an easier way to widen my ladies, with much less effort. They respond quickly to it. Still, it isn't as exact as bending to wherever you want (they can
I've topped LA Woman and Blue Dream another time in only one place in each plant.
Super Lemon Haze is the smallest and slowest growing and root developing plant. She truly is weaker genetically. I know that at the start of the grow I thought LA would be smallest one, but it turned out the other way around. She has the smallest inter-node spacing plus the thickest main and side branches. She is gonna be a fine yielder!


E.C = 1.40 - 1.45;
Canopy Temperatures: 25ºC/ 77ºF
Room Humidity (RH) = 46-52%
Turned off Dripping System.


I'm glad to tell you that I can no longer take decent individual photos of each one of them plants. They are filling in the room, and you won't be able to differentiate which branches correspond to each one of them.
Those are good news :thumb:

Top View of the Room

Side View of the Room

They are mad at growing, right?! I really should have thought better about getting a ScroG Net before starting out. I do have a prefabricated one, but it sucks. I've tried it, and it's really awful.

I should've changed my reservoir system as well, so I could separate the netpots (where each plant is placed) further, avoiding cross sections between plant's canopies.

Lazyness got me when starting out again, as I didn't feel like searching and carving new DIY reservoirs. It was a true pain in the ass the first time.

Well guys, I hope the few of you that check this journal out are as impressed as I am at these growing rates. I must confess this is coming out way better and faster than last time. I'm spending less time worrying and being more efficient while I'm gardening (less time, more work)

Comments are appreciated!

Groovy Bud

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20.10 UPDATE
Happy Birthday - 1 month old
(Another 5 days later... )

Greetings fellows,

During the last days I've been trying to upgrade by side branches thickness. I need the right side of the room, especially the top right corner (Super Lemon Haze) to fill up before going to flower. I have applied some light fixture rotation in order to benefit the right side of the room, while staggering the left side of the room through supercropping (Blue Dream is too big and stretchy, LA woman is very dense, I need to open it up in width).

I have separated the reservoirs even further from each other to prevent more shadowing. between plants.

I think I'll hold on 1 or 2 days longer and I'll be switching to flower, they are gonna get big, and I hope being able to control them in height. For such, I've read that if you keep the Metal Halide during the first 2 weeks of photoperiod change (while flipping to 12/12) you can prevent that extensive stretching. I don't know if there has been any updated information on this, please enlighten me if such.

E.C. 1.45- 1.50
RH: 61%


Room's Overall Pictures




Super Lemon Haze's Corner. The smallest of them all

Super Silver Haze. I'm missing 1 or 2 branches on this picture.

Blue Dream Corner. With some more supercropping done to prevent more growth in height.

LA Woman Corner. Thick dense branches and big-ass leaves.


Groovy Out. :Namaste:

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.


Groovy Bud

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I was feeling a bit alone on this journal, that's why I dropped it.

It turned out a OK grow, not as good as the first one. I might have to check my ballast, power plugs or new bulbs because I think I might have lower light intensity. The bulbs are always being renewed, so it might not be the problem. I'm also buying a new Carbon Filter to replace the old one which has lasted 3 grows.

I'm on my way to the next one.

Wondering strains such as:
Trainwreck or Purple Trainwreck
I'm keeping Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze
Sensi Seeds Jack Herer
Cali's Connection Green Crack
Northern Lights
Durban Poison

Any opinnions? I'm moving towards a good yield/m2 and mostly sativas.

Keep safe,
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