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Grow #2


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Back again for round 2.

What strain is it? Unknown (Same stuff i grew last time around) Clones

These are very young clones that have roots

Growing indoor in my new room.
Growing in Promix-Hp

Using a 400 watt MH in Veg and 600 watt HPS for flower
Air cooled Fixture
Tempture max set at 25-26 Cellulitis
RH is %70 ish
Ph set to 5.7
Watering when needed

Nutrients i'm using this time around come highly recommended from a guy i know who has been growing for many years.
Plant-Prod MJ

I started with 2 grams in 4L of water
Added 3ml of cal/mag and ph is 5.7-5.8

Plants have 2 or 3 sets of nodes and are a touch yellow, hopefully i can fix that ASAP.

I gave clones from my last plant to a friend, He is growing and cloned the same plants to give back to me.


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All right. So . The new room is 6 Feet by 8 Feet and 8 Feet high. Insulated and house wrapped. Inside is all plywood and OSB, Whatever i could find. It has had been primed and painted ceiling white (flat white). It now has dual exhaust fans as well as a forced air intake. Thermostats are wired the same way more or less except I had to change a relay that was "humming". I didn't want to take a chance on it failing. Still have to make the door air tight, It's very close, just have to add some weather stripping on the bottom. I'm currently not venting the exhaust from my light outside the room. Spring temperatures here are still a touch cold. I was also given a Power vent made for a oil furnace. It has to have 300 CFM or more. I will be adding this to the room as soon as i get a chance. I'll also post some pictures a bit later.


Hope you all have a wonderful day, and I'll be seeing you all in the future.


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Picture one is my intake fan. Just a bathroom fan with a filter on it so it doesn’t take in dust and what not from the rest of the garage. I’m thinking I’m going to have to pipe this through the floor of the garage to bring cool air in. Time will tell.

The second picture is the wiring. Looks like a mess, and it is, but it works. Just looks a bit crazy but it’s just multiple setups in one place. If any further explanation is needed please ask. The thermostats are low voltage ran through relays to allow them to run 120 volt.


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irie lion

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Hey @twnewell! Just read through your first journal, nice harvest in the small space! :headbanger:
Your harvest weight was good for no training ect. Do you plan on training this round? I'll be along for the ride!
Happy growing :Namaste:


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@irie lion Hey. Thanks for taking an interest. I'm thinking i'm going to be doing a net over these ladies and seeing what kind of coverage i can get. I just bought THIS because they never had the one with the enclosed hood like the one i have now. So i'm not sure what i'm going to do. I have one more fan to hookup and we'll see what the temperature is like. I may just use the 600 for flower.

But training is something that is on my mind. I'd rather veg for an extra month and get a larger harvest. I'll defiantly be topping 3-4 times and see where that gets me. Will differently keep you and all the others posted.

Have a great day.


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Added parts of my seedling starting device to try to increase humidity. I don't see any change in growth. I know its only been 3-4 full days, and the medium the guy i got the clones from was not the best. I transplanted from the small paper cups to silo cups with fresh promix and watered to runoff with nutes when i got them. Like i said nothing has changed. Guess it going to be a waiting game here. 3 out of the 4 of the soil started to break apart when i was transplanted them, so I'm thinking shock is my problem. I'm going to let them dry out and continue to to water as needed. Hopefully when the roots get settled again growth will resume.

Till next time.


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Excuse the Tub in the top Left, like you could miss it, I'll move it today. Did some re-arranging yesterday. Brought the girls up 12" and dropped the light to 16". Tried to add another fan to the mix to move more air around the plants. Tried it here and there, then another place and then another, and decided to throw it out and add a piece of plywood on the wall that will deflect the air coming from the circulating fan on the top of the room. Now it blows warm air down, onto the plywood and is diverted right onto the plants. Trying to get this setup right, new room and new problems to solve. Love this part.

Probably going to have to water today sometime, just ph-ed water no nutes this watering. Will post With new changes.

As always Opinions and Questions are always welcomed.

Have a good day.



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Watered this morning to runoff, nice and light cups before watering, just the way I like it and was taught @Emilya . They have come around in the past couple of days. Leaves stretching out and reaching toward the light, good signs that the root system is probably not %100 established, but defiantly on the mend so to speak. I'm thinking im going to do the normal nutes one watering, just water the next. We shall see how it goes.

Have a good day.


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So I finally got some time and decided to make some fabric pots. I added Velcro to the sides to make removiing the plants to upsize a lot easier. Almost destroyed the sewing machine trying to learn how to use it again. But it’s still in one piece.

Smaller ones are 5 litre and larger ones are 20 litre.


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Got my 600 watt light. Won’t be using it until late veg at the earliest. Hopefully I will notice some improvement in weight after this grown with a extra 200 watts. Time will tell.
Yield is so heavily impacted by light and 600W - 400W is a notable difference.


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I'm thinking there will be a difference, bigger space, fabric pots, different nutrients, bigger light. I was wondering, if i use the 400 watt mh just for veg, and the 600 watt hps for flower, will there be any difference in yeild vs using a 600 watt mh in veg and 600 hps in flower? From what i understand (not much) the light during flower affects the yeild, not the veg light.



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I would say you are correct, because the plants simply do not need as much light during veg. I always found 400-500w to be perfectly acceptable and MH was one of the better spectrum to use at that stage. I did notice a bit of a drop off in veg production when trying to run a 300w and a definite increase when I went up to 400w MH as well as 512w of T5HO. I upped it to 600w MH for one grow and all it seemed to do is increase the power bill. I went back to purple T5HO bulbs after that and got back to the production I expected.


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Thanks @Emilya. I was thinking I was correct, but educated people such as yourself always help my when im doubting myself.

I will continue to grow with the 400 watt MH, and change to the 600 watt HPS for flower.

Watered with nutes today to runoff. Ph'ed to 5.7-5.8


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