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Grow #5 Hemp Hurd Trial #2 with Soil Safety Grow


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Hey so im just starting grow5 in my new set up and im all ready. seems like it took me like 2 yrs to get all the right stuff together.
I am trying hemp hurd again to see if i can get it to work better than my last grow which did have problems ,caused by me ,that added to the almost total failure of the whole grow. I am ready this time.

So this i my set up 4x3x7 tent i made and covered in panda plastic
i have a soler-palau 97cfm (this was a brand suggested by irish boy)and pulls strong enough to lift the plastic floor up
the light is a T-5 216 watt blue spectrum for veg that im running 14/10
i started 16/8 but the fan was too much when i needed to sleep.
i will switch to a 400 watt hps. i just bought 57cfm soler-palau cooling fan for it and a digital ballast. Im starting 8 plants in containers that are about 3/4 of a gallon and will transplant them into two gallon containers next unless i end up with only 2-3 females then i will grow them out in 4gallons.
The seeds are the same as in my 3rd grow i call them Green People.
I am using a variety of nutes in the Hemp Hurd im going to use FFgrowbig,and tiger if i have enough and then blood bloom and or mad farmer mother of all blooms. I precharged and soaked down the hemp with cal/mag i found them having cal/mag issues in my last grow.
For the soil plants im using ffof and i mixed in a "natural&organic" <-whatever the fuck that means, Time release fertilizer that i got at the Depot for like 7 bucks want to see how it works for Bud. Its NPK is 4-6-3 and contains micro nutrients. Then i will add ( if they need it ) Botanicare pure blend organic bloom.
Both the soil and the hemp hurd will also get Silica and Flora Nectar. during waterings

I planted Saturday. One sprouted Wed and the rest came up today. i will post a couple pics after i eat dinner. Off to a good start.:tokin:


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Re: Grow#5 Hemp hurd trial #2 with Soil Saftey Grow.

I passed out after dinner and these are from the 13th i didn't post them at first cuz they came out so bad.








These i took today they are a little better quality







i cant for the life of me figure out how to take close ups with my camera. but all in all
they seem to be growing well so. This stage always makes me nervous haha :tokin:


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Re: Grow#5 Hemp hurd trial #2 with Soil Saftey Grow.

ok another up date these pics are mostly good.......mostly. so it seems the soil plants are doing consistently better that the hemp. i think there are a few reasons for this one is me and my ignorance of growing in soiless mediums and having no info on the one im using. also the heat has been spiking around the mid 90's since the light is so close. I have heard that high temps cause problems in soiless grows. but one of the hemp plants is seems to be doing just fine. the other three hmmm not sure yet but i need to figure a way to keep the medium wet i think it drys quickly due to the heat. here are some pics of what they all look like so far.

hemp plants




soil plants




thats all for now


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Re: Grow#5 Hemp hurd trial #2 with Soil Saftey Grow.

update i took a few pics today. 2 of the hemp plants are not happy i might transplant them into soil if they don't perk up in a couple days. one is doing great and the other seems to be bouncing back from some stress. all the soil plants are doing fantastic. here are some pics

the soil plants





hemp plants





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Hemp hurd Fail! hahaha It seems i need to sterilize the medium b4 i use it. i figured this out when i got a crop of mushrooms sprouting out of it. next time im going to soak it in ph'd water and then dry it in my oven at like 200deg. i read that mushroom spores die at like 180deg so im hoping that does the trick for next time. im also going to do the hemp in little cups i think i will be easier to manage that way. so i transplanted the 4 very stunted plants in to ffof in 24oz cups. i will see if any of them come back strong and are worth flowering. The soil plants however are doing great they are on the 5th node i think and have their 7 pointed leaves out. they are 19 days old and should be sexing in about a week or so but either way im going to go 12/12 by the 10th. Here are some pics of the soil plants .








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