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Grow cab temp


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Anyone having issues keeping their cab at 80-87 Degrees F? I have 2 Fans blowing in air and one Exhaust all these fans move 2.9 square foot per second and second and my cab is 1.5f2 but I can't get lower than 98. I think my thermometer is messed up. but one entry and exhaust run at the bottom of the nightstand (which is my grow cab) I will post pictures later to see if you guys could help.


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Re: Grow cab temp.

Put all fans set to exhaust, then make sure you have enough openings for the intake to be pulled in.

You want to exhaust more than you let in, but not by much. Keep exhaust up high, intake low.

It always helps to give us more information as to how your whole grow setup is.



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Re: Grow cab temp.

Here are some pictures of my cab its running at 97-100 :\ I'm worried but my seedling seems to be doing fine.


I had to cut out another exhaust at the back just to keep it around 90s :[ without it rose up to 109 :| I ordered one more fan and may place 2 small fans snide to help cool the light bulbs.



What do you guys think?


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Those temps are very hot. Plant growth virtually stops at such high temps. I fought high temps all summer last year, and your best bet is to get an air conditioner into your room.
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