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Is that a clone? Looks good buddy, gonna dress her up come Chrissy?
Is that a clone? Looks good buddy, gonna dress her up come Chrissy?

Nah, i just saw the x-mas tree post and thought id snap a few pics. I'm growing 4, this shape, just to see how it yields. The tallest is two weeks into flower.

Yeah they are all clones, i got some seeds goin too, but that project requires some more room.

Everything is photo.
I fucked up. Already planted 7 plants that will become Christmas trees 2 days ago. Hope I can join the thingy anyway since it's just for fun. I'll just be a few days ahead of you :)

Little Jack Herer Automatik Christmas trees! - Yes - I do Jack Herer Automatik again - in airpot just like the last challenge.

I plan to give at least one of them away for Christmas to a friend, decorated and all. Perhaps two of them even. And then one for myself and then the rest we will smoke while we're laughing and looking at the fucked up Christmas trees.

Sounds like a plan to me!

Sorry for starting too early. My mind works in mysterious ways

Last time I started some days after you guys and we got there anyway :)

Is Grim ok? Was kinda expecting him to start the new thread today.
So - Are any of you germinating seeds for the Christmas tree challenge?
that's one of my favorite strains :) You're gonna get a big tree. My Jack Herer Automatiks doesn't even get a meter tall


I popped the 2 pure power plant beans yesterday. I will certainly adorn them with some fairy lights and tinsel for the xmas challenge ...
that's one of my favorite strains :) You're gonna get a big tree. My Jack Herer Automatiks doesn't even get a meter tall

I have been meaning to invest in a bigger tent. Somehow i dont think my 2.5x2.5 is going to cut it ..

Got a white widow and aurora indica filling it to the brim atm .
That's a little bit small perhaps indeed :)

Feel I never get enough though. Right now I have:

Space 1 - Main-Room

Space 2 - Homebox Evolution tent

Space 3 - Mars-Hydro Powerhouse

Space 4 - Quarantine

Space 5 - Cloning station
80x80x140cm (aprox)

Space 6 - Cob
Heyo folks!
Sorry have been absent, dealing with a few mid week issues .

At first I was thinking to use a WW x BB clone, but unfortunately last night I found a whole bunch of man parts on the "feminised" mother, the genetics are terrible and I have to reconsider what to do with some of my girls .
So I went ahead and germinated a "Ripley OG" superauto!
I want to have it in the lounge room, so a photoperiod may not work out so well come flower with no real light schedule. The Ripley OGs are ready in about 80 days, so I should be able to harvest come Christmas.

Again sorry for the delay and sloppy presentation for the competition! All plants / seeds and entries are welcome as long as by December it's covered in tinsel / lights / ballballs and topped with something funky ..

Photos to come soon .
So are we gonna make a new thread Grim, or should we just continue in this one?

Glad to see you are ok man. You're usually like clockwork, so I worried something had happened. We're doing risky stuff so you never know
I'm on day 4 of the Christmas tree challenge.

7/7 plants have surfaced

This is the first time I actually tro to grow autoflowering plants properly :) I always just put a seed here and there and put them on the floor outside of the cover area of the lamps. This time they got their own lamp and that will most likely give me slightly bigger plants, but I know these genes well enough to know they will flower before they reach one meter tall
Looking great Dev . love the set up, you've come along ways quickly .
At the moment I've got
Tent 1: First tent (GroLush) LED 700w panel, flower tent.
Tent 2: Gorilla Tent, 400w cooltube HPS, flower tent.
Tent 3: GroLush baby tent, seedlings and little veg plants
Bench 4: Extra veg room, works insanely well considering it's lighting is about 90w of CFL tubes designed for fish tanks . tropical cfl tubes. Girls sit there before going into flower tent 1 or 2.
Should we make a new thread? Probably would be the best bet aye..
WW x BB project - She Hermied, I cut all the dude branches off and I'm gonna roll with it.. Tent 2

This was gonna be my Christmas tree, but she's a clone from the Hermie prone Muma
Good to see ya back Grim . but sorry about the hermie .

I wish i could have the amount of tents you guys have. I have an 80x80x160 for late veg and flower and i think its a 60x60x120 for seedlings and early veg.

I think a 120x120x200 is in order tho!
update on the Christmas tree challenge. All my plants are above the ground and they are looking good :)

The cotyledon on Jack Herer is always much more dark green then the first set of leaves. The first set of leaves always have this yellow tint and it usually become long and pointy. Then the next set of leaves look normal. It's fascinating. I have grown many of these plants now and at first I thought it was only the autoflowering Jack Herer that had this trait. But then I noticed the photo version of Jack also has the exact same look. Interesting stuff

Hope all is well in your world.

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