Grow checklist?

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Ok, I am getting together all the info I need for my grow that will start in about a month and a half. Its going to most likely be in a highrise/midrise condo (indoor entrances, not outside) in the spare bedroom, but that could all change by then (if its a house then the basement), so if you all could tell me what you think or if you have suggestions feel free to post.

Im going to be doing b/t 9 and 12 plants most likely(probably 1 strain, or 2 at the most). Ill start with clones...I figured if Im doing it then I might as well go somewhat big for the first.

Im going to be using Hempy buckets to grow (5 gallon or 3 gallon). Ive been doing a lot of reading on them and I really like what Im seeing.


Ok, here is what I am considering going with:


Lighting (are these ok setups to go with?):

Two 1,000 watt lights:
DIGITAL AIR COOL TUBE GROW LIGHT 1000 WATT HPS+MH 1000W - eBay (item 380228243270 end time May-26-10 14:52:46 PDT)

1000 WATT 1000W HPS+MH DIGITAL GROW LIGHT AIR COOL TUBE - eBay (item 290428014815 end time Apr-29-10 13:30:20 PDT)


Two 600 Watt lights:
LUMA DIGITAL AIR COOLED GROW LIGHT 600 WATT HPS+MH 600W - eBay (item 380228831152 end time May-28-10 12:46:58 PDT)

600 WATT 600W HPS DIGITAL GROW LIGHT AIR COOL TUBE HOOD - eBay (item 290429304286 end time Apr-29-10 11:55:03 PDT)


General Hydroponics Flora Series. An Advanced Nutrient, 3-Part Formula. Quart Size Set. - nhflorasetqt


Odor Control (Thanks Roseman for the idea):
420 Magazine ®


I will also pick up the perlite, a ph meter, ph up/down, two oscilating fans, molasses, timers for the lights, some reflective type material to put on the walls or around the plants if I use a tent or setup a "box" around the plants. Im also gonna put some type of "flooring" under the buckets so I dont mess up anything or leave stains behind if an accident happens.

If there is anything else you suggest or want to correct or think I need or think is wrong, feel free to post up.

Re: Grow checklist...

You got GAME! :cheer: Great Researchin' Brother. :goodjob:

Only thing I see you may need is PH up, PH down.

I would go for 600 watts...IMO
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Re: Grow checklist...

I forgot to put the PH up/down in my list, I knew I forgot something I meant to put in there...Im editing it. Thanks!
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Since no one else has replied, Im gonna guess that those lights I posted would be ok to get off ebay?? And I have everything I need?
Good list - tough to plan ahead for everything of course - props for getting ducks in a row!

Lots of this stuff is much cheaper if you get it at Walmart or other super store vs nursery, and get them when they're on sale rather than when you're forced to get it by necessity.

Some things I find helpful:

  • A roll of twisty tie wire - $2
  • A turkey baster or Hand powered Kerosene Pump - $3-5
  • Radio Shack 60-100x microscope - $12
  • an extra 185gph pump to fill or empty things - $15
  • intake or exhaust fans - depending on heat from the lights and/or air circ into the room - $125-$500
  • grow tray - they are expensive, but well worth it IMHO. Remember that at some point you will have to flush lots of water through the pots. You can either do this by putting them in the bath tub or outside, OR use a tray and drain. The rubbermaid stuff is close, but I guarantee you will appreciate the design and manufacturing once you own a real tray. They are not something just designed to rip you off. They are manufactured in large quantities for commercial ops, and the pricing reflects material and manufacturing costs.
  • Extra 5G bucket - $3
  • Visquene - Panda Film - can use it for the floor covering you were talking about, or for walls. Mylar is electrically conductive. Visquene is not. Its also cheaper. And its 90% reflective vs 99% so you're only giving up a little. Lots of folks use it wherever the water line starts, and Mylar above that for the light.
  • Hygrometer - Temp and Humidity. Better if it has a Hi/Lo memory as well. $12-50
  • 1oz shot glass - $2
  • Measuring Spoons metric and standard measurements! $2-10
  • Measuring Cups from 1/4cup to 1 or 2 cups - come as a set - $4-10
  • Scissors for everyday grow room use
  • Scissors for Manicuring
  • Scissors for Cloning

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Thanks Papa G!

I just have a question about what a couple of those are for... turkey baster and the shot glass?
Thanks Papa G!

I just have a question about what a couple of those are for... turkey baster and the shot glass?
I use large syringes with a piece of aquarium air line tubing in place of a needle instead of a turkey baster. We use them to draw nutes from the bottles to prevent waste and messes. Some shot glasses have measuring increments on them to make measuring alot easier and cleaner than with spoons and the shot glasses are great for holding cloning dips. The Hydrofarm shots have measurments in Mls, Tsp, TBS and OZ making them the perfect shot for growing IMO

Great list Papa + reps!
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Ok, I gotcha. I was thinking about getting some syringes that have the tbs/tsp labeled on them to draw the nutes. 1 for each bottle, so I dont put anything from one into the other.
Actually I use the syringe or measuring stuff for measuring nutes. The baster is just for moving water around - kerosene pump is better.

Shot glass or two w/measurements are super helpful for all kinds of things.

Glad that little list was helpful. You'll find 87 million other little things.