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I've browsed the site for quite some time, but haven't had a reason to join until now. Drinking at an NHL practice game gets a girl mouthy and I may or may not have talked shit to a few guy friends. Long story short, I made a $1000 bet that I could *easily* grow.

Anyone have interest in showing me the ropes? I'm willing to empty my shoe closet (7x7x9) and I have a $500 budget. I'll start with 4 clones, odor is my primary concern, and I'd like to use LEDs. Also, I keep my lifestyle organic...green and clean.

Other than that, I'm pretty open to suggestions and would greatly appreciate any guidance you kind gentlemen can offer.



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You should get a lot of help here. As far as supplies, Take a look at the sponsor page for lighting. You may need a larger LED for 4 plants. I use the Znet 4, you would need the Znet16. Top Led, and others may have what you are looking for in the 200-400 dollar range. For air scrubbers, I suggest not buying the cheap Chinese ones on eBay. I got mine from Amazon a combo unit with a 4inch tubing for around 100 bucks. You can do it with a 500 dollar budget, but it will be close to start.

Good luck!!!


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First, welcome to :420:

Your guide: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...-grow-marijuana-everything-you-need-know.html

Lights: Led Grow Lights for indoor plants-Top Led
You'll need nutrients. Use a 2part/3part nutrient system. Don't buy miracle gro. Don't use time release nutes. Dont use soil that *OMG FEEDS FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS*
Cheap potting soil will work fine.
5 gallon pot.
30x-60x magnifier to harvest properly
PH meter. Digital is best.
And of course, a little fan, filter, and ducting.

The LED, and Fan/filter will be the most expensive items.

There are also gentlewomen here as well, who are also highly skilled at growing. It's not just a guys thing to grow anymore. :)


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I appreciate such great feedback, it's really helped alot. Thank you both.

Gentlewomen in my career path is an oxymoron (pit vipers) my apologies for excluding them.
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