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Grow in red solo cups or 5 gal buckets?


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im gona start germination in literally 5 minutes..... i have 5 5gal buckets, i put 1 inch of rocks at the bottom for drainage,an inch of peatmoss on top of that, and soil for the rest. after the seeds start sprouting should i put then straight into the buckets or let them grow in vegetation stage in the solo cups until they get bigger? any help is great thanks!! :Namaste:


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the red solo cups work better to start a seed since the soil can stay moist with ease...use less space and group under the right spot under the lights ....once you get a large shoot your set and by tapping the cup bottom and holding the plant stem between your fingers allowing the soil top to be even with your hand they will slide right out for a fast transplant. :goodluck:


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