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My first grow journal was a struggle and didn't turn out that great. Hopefully, with practice, I'll get better. I just started several new totally awesome new strains to breed each and add thousands of new seeds to my seed bank. I traded several of my already established strains for several new strains (too many to start at once). I'm excited to get started making lots more new strains!

Thanks to my new friends, Jose from San Jose and Jerry Garcia, my new strains will include:

Blue Dream
Skywalker OG Kush
Bubba-Gum (Pre98 Bubba x Bubblegum)
Pink Candy Kush
DJ Shorts Blueberry
Humboldt Cookies (Humboldt Kush x GSC)
Master Orange (Agent Orange x Master Kush)

I'm also re-making 2 of my strains, Original Grape 48 and Blue Cheese.

Here's an update. I started all of these babies in soil but I'm going to put them in coco fiber, when I transplant them, because I find myself over watering when I use soil for indoor crops. I guess I'm just used to Formula 707 after all these years. All the babies are under 2 8-bulb T5 lights 18 hours a day for now, but in 2 weeks, I'll be transplanting and moving them all under a 1000 watt metal halide.
Here's an update ... I have added 1 more of my original strains, Playboy OG from Gomez Seeds. I've been out of that strain for over a year, so I just germinated my last 5 seeds to find a male to pollenate my Playboy mother. I actually tried to make Playboy seeds last year, along with several other strains (just like this year) but I accidentally pollenated the Playboy plant with a Purple Berry Playboy, so I ended up with twice as many Purple Berry Playboy seeds and no original Playboy. I'm making more strains than last year, so I have to be very careful ...:thumb:

It looks like my Playboy mother is well into bloom, but it's actually been sitting in my back yard dormant for the last couple of months. Just brought it inside, and after 2 weeks under 18 hours of light, it wants to start budding. I just increased the light to 19 hours, so hopefully, it will stop budding until my male is ready. Otherwise, I may have to look for a male and a female in the last 5 seedlings.

Playboy OG Kush mother

Playboy OG Kush mother
Here's a quick update. It's week 3 of my Multi-strain Breeder grow, and I have put all the babies under 1000 watt light and topped most of them. I've started transplanting some of the bigger ones already because the roots are hanging out the bottoms of the pots already. I'm now using Formula 707 (coco fiber). Some of the smaller babies (Pink Candy Kush and Master Orange) are struggling. I've probably over-watered them, so I'm keeping a close watch over them. All 5 of my last Playboy OG seeds germinated but not one of them lived, so my Playboy mom is going back into budding. I'll just have to wait for Frank to make more of those seeds.

2016 Indoor Breeder Crop - Week 3
Took me a while to find this second journal. Better luck on this attempt. I'll stick around to watch your new strain breeding. This is Very interesting to me.


You should post your journal in your signature... Here's a link to a tutorial. It will increase traffic to here guaranteed.

Oh man, I've been wondering how you did that. Thanks!
Week 5 update. Finally made room in the main grow room so I can start to spread out the babies. Transplanted several more into 1 gal. pots but all have been changed into Formula 707 now, and all are doing well. The Pink Candy Kush seedlings are still very small and most are still in the small pots. The Blue Dream and Skywalker OG seeds were the first planted and those are all growing fast.



I have to correct the very first post on this journal. My Blue Dream and Skywalker seeds actually came from Jason at Madcat's Backyard Stash. Sorry about that Jason. :) These are the ones that didn't get crushed in the mail and they're actually a week older than all the other strains.

A few more of the bigger plants have been transplanted into 3 gallon pots.

All plants have now been topped twice. Done with topping. Only a couple of babies still in small pots.

Just a couple pics to show the progress. Blue Dream and Skywalkers are now teens and almost ready to start sexing out. There are too many plants to grow in my small grow room, so I will be selecting the best ones of each strain to grow indoors. One strain at a time, I will take the chosen male and chosen female to have their fun in the reproduction room. The rest of the plants will be moved to the greenhouses outside to finish up. That's it for this week!
Week 8 and the rain finally stopped for a while. This means I can move all the bigger plants out to the greenhouse to start sexing out. I now have a lot more room in the big grow room, so I'm getting them transplanted a few each day.

Most of the Blue Dream teens and Skywalker teens and a few of the Blue Cheese are now out in the greenhouse.
Didn't know this journal existed lol. Sometimes I think I look at them all, but I guess this one fell through the cracks.

When I see large grow rooms like this, just makes me want to take my 1,000 sqft basement and just grow the shit out of it lol. Loving what you have going on. I think it is neat to see people doing breeding and making feminized seeds. I have actually thought about doing it as well. Ill have to try them all to find my favorite 2 strains and give this a go. Looking good!
Here's something interesting. Have you ever seen cannabis twins? My Blue Cheese and Blue Tahoe Cheese pop as "twins" and this actually happens often, but only with the Blue Cheese strains. I've never seen it with any other genetics. One is always dominant (usually female) that will eventually shade out all the light to the smaller one and eventually it will choke out the smaller one (usually male). I have seen two female twins before, so I usually separate them at birth. Weird eh?

Blue Cheese twins

Blue Tahoe Cheese twins
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