Grow Journal 2 - Several Strains

I now understand why real estate is so expensive in Cali., did not realize you could grow so openly. Kinda of,confused, why are they voting on legalizing this fall. If you can grow openly all you want, isn't it already legal.

Stellar job.
Legal recreational is totally different than legal medicinal. Recreational cultivating, when passed, will most likely have a lot of limits. Medicinal cannabis cultivating has its limits too, so it's not as rosy as it looks. It really depends on where you are growing in California. We are in northern Cali where we're allowed to grow 99 plants, but in a lot of counties, they have recently changed the law banning outdoor growing completely.
This is a weekend note just to say that I'm done with the Blue Cheese males. I killed the taller one last night after the evening dusting and the short one lost his life this morning. I got a shot of the short one getting intimate with both females.


The last Blue Cheese orgy


The last Blue Cheese orgy


After the last Blue Cheese orgy

Skywalker Kush male is history tomorrow morning after he gets together with his mate for one last time. The Skywalker female is showing pink hairs all across the tops of the buds now, so we definitely got some seeds coming. The next two strains to breed are my Original Grape 48, which was my very first strain, and Blue Dream Sky. Both started breeding today.

Here's another quick note. I am spraying one of the Pink Candy Kush females and one of the Blue Cheese females to make feminized seeds of each.
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