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Grow Journal Contest Winner Announcement

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The long wait has come to an end for the announcement of our Grow Journal Contest Winners.

It took us almost 3 weeks of judging time because of the entries we got.
All our entries gave us some hard time picking because majority were awesome. Thank you for that.

We never saw it coming. Thanks for sharing your grow journals.

And the winner for the Grow Journal Contest for 2015.. Drum roll.


GlimmerGrass's Maiden Grow - Crop King Seeds' Early Miss Auto Fem in Coir - 2015


20 seeds of your choice (10 seeds X 2 strains)
Celebration Pipe by Artist Steve DaPiper

2nd Prize Winner - Arteekay

Arteekay's 1st Grow - Sunshine #4 - Spider x 4 - Crop King Autoflowering Mix Strains


10 seeds of your choice (5 seeds X 2 strains)

3rd Prize Winner - Bamalabrat

[h=2]1st Hydro - LED Grow With Crop King White Widow From Seed [/h]Prize

5 seeds of your choice (1 strain)

Congratulations to our winners.

The winners will receive the instruction on how to claim your prize in your private message. Check your PM.

New contest will be announced soon. Stay tuned! :)


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Awww YEAH!!! Thanks so much CKS. You guys are truly awesome.

Congrats to Glimmergrass (we want more pics of that pipe you know, right!?!?) and Bamalabrat. I honestly don't feel I deserve to be in the same list, any list, with either of you.



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Holy cats. This is AMAZING! I'm pretty much stunned, because there were so many amazing journals by growers working with CKS seeds.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am flabbergasted, and very, very grateful. I just want to tell you all at CKS how much you've changed my life.

I found your website (I can’t even remember how — just that I was sick of having to buy my medicine from drug dealers). There I discovered I could order seeds safely within Canada. True to your word, I received my seeds quickly, and on my very first grow managed to produce almost 4 oz of first rate bud in my shower :)

You have been nothing but professional, supportive and helpful all the way along this journey and you pointed me in the direction of 420Magazine, which has been a great joy and help to me as I grow medicine for my husband and myself.




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I could not agree with glimmer more! CKS is awesome....tyvm Crop King Seeds. The White Widow was a fantastic smoke. It really was. Really appreciate you guys for that. :)


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Well done everyone. :bravo: I missed this entirely, but had to stop and say how impressed I am with each of you. The site inspires excellence, and you all demonstrate that with every post.


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Today the last pieces of my prize package arrived and I want to thank Crop King Seeds and 420Magazine!

In January Crop King Seeds picked my very first journal, growing Early Miss Autos, as the winner of their 2015 Journal Competition. I was surprised and very, very honoured. In addition to the honour, CKS arranged a mind-blowing prize pack for me which I want to acknowledge here.

Not only has Crop King Seeds been extraordinarily generous with seeds (they gave me 20 seeds which I will be growing in a big all-CKS auto grow later this year), they have gone over and above finding amazing extra prizes for this competition.

My dream seeds. Seriously. Their three new auto strains plus Jack Herer, which I have coveted FOREVER :)

The rest of the prize pack arrived today. It was like CHRISTMAS!

BC company Mary J's Edible Medibles (who may be connected to Beard Bros?) sent four mini ginger cookies. I have to admit that as soon as I took this photo I ripped open the package and enjoyed a wee snack :) Let me tell you, ginger cookies are a brilliant choice for canna-infused edible because ginger helps cover up so much of the canna smell. I did get a tiny whiff of medication, just enough to let me know to take it easy with these! (Note: I'm glad I did, because I am tingling already!) Delicious cookies, taste every bit as good as homemade!

Cannabis Culture Lounge ashtray -- very cool and useful! (My household's total lack of ashtrays was noted by my brother earlier this year :)

CKS sent a lighter and a new line of really wonderful and detailed lapel badges: look at all these cuties. Wow! I particularly love the 2 medical themed ones and the Canadian one :)

And THIS. We all saw it on the CKS thread about the contest, but I never imagined I'd ever hold such a beautiful thing in my own hands. It's a Celebration Pipe from Hawaii made from a ceramic/lava composite plated in platinum and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'm going to spark it up later tonight (using hemp wick, thank you for that tip, Pigeons!) and make a burnt offering to the canna gods for their blessing :) It looks prehistoric, in the best way possible -- perfect for ceremonies and rites. I think I'm going to have to make a few up :) Thank you, Celebration Pipes!

My humble and very grateful thanks to Crop King Seeds, for their generosity and encouragement. They're good people, they made growing cannabis possible for me and they sponsor this amazing website!



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I was of course so happy to take second place, but I'll admit to being a little jealous of that pipe! I've been dying to see more pictures of it and didn't imagine just how gorgeous it actually is. Incredible.

Absolutely awesome post Glim! Brought a bit of a tear to my eye even!

:31: :adore:


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What a gorgeous pipe! Thank you to Crop King Seeds for this stellar prize package and for your continued support of our site.

Lucky you glimmer. :woohoo:


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Glimmer congrats again. Could not agree more with all the praise about Crop King Seeds. First rate outfit there. :)

Again congrats to arteekay for second. Had a look at yours as well. Congrats bro :)

And thank you again CKS for the prize and 3rd place. Really appreciate it. I just made my order this weekend and already have a confirmation today. Just love you guys. :)
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