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Captain Kronic

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First off, let me welcome you to 420 mag forum :adore:

A cm is about 1/3 and inch I think, then the answer in my experience would be no. But, that would be strain and limiting factor dependent!
How big they are, how far they are from the HPS, room temps also just to name a few things.
Maybe some more info and pics would help us to find an answer! :Namaste:


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i'l take som pictures when im of work
They look healty and bushy and some of them is exploading with new growth
but as i said il take som pictures later today


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I've had 1/2 inch per day (for about a week) once. Everything was just right and the plants were about two weeks into flowering. I couldn't seem to keep up with trying to keep everything level coming out of the SCROG screen.

Ed talks about in his book that they can grow an inch a day under the right circumstances.

If they are healthy and not stretching much as compare to new bud sites coming in.... I'd be happy.


Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Pardon... I apologize, I didn't see that the plants were in flower. However, page 362 in "Eds book" says growth may be as much as 2", 5 cm a day in veg.
In flower, Ed states that the plant could/should grow approximately 20-25% taller and wider.
Take the over all size of the plant and divide by the number of days of flowering and it should give you a good idea of what to expect growth wise... my ad lib.

Jorge says that, properly maintained, plants can grow a half to 2 inches a day (page 28)

Both say that vertical growth is slowed during flowering but is also very limiting factor dependent. I would also suggest that it is strain dependent as well... IMNSHO!

I'm not trying to correct anyone or start a pissing contest, just quantifying my previous post.

rubadub, as JJ and PP stated... as long as your plants are healthy looking, rate of growth would be of secondary concern.

None of us knows more than all of us... :Namaste:


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No there still in vegg and im planing to bloom them in 30 days or so
Here are some pics of them

Pineapple Express


Super bud

Exodus Cheese

Super Sour OG


Grapefruit Krush


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ok thanks captain!

I just droped 9 amnesia haze seeds in papertowels :)

thinking to do a journal with them
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