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Grow Room setup advice: lighting options and size of room q's for experienced growers


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Good morning everyone,

This is my first time posting on 420 magazine's forum but I have been been on the site soaking up as much knowledge as my stoned brain will allow.

I have a few questions for the experienced indoor growers in the forums, but before I get to those let me paint the picture of my goals of my grow and how I want to set it up.

I am an medical patient and I am allowed to grow 12 mature plants at all times.

The strains I have chosen are durban poison and blueberry.

In my city I don't know anyone who ever has these 2 strains. We get mostly cali and oregon buds but its usually along the lines of blue dream, og kush, sour diesel, chem dog, girl scout cookies, xj13 etc etc but no one has these old school strains that are simply amazing.

I want to use organic soil and nutrients (fox farm ocean forest w/ 35% added perlite and organic fox farm nutes) in 10 gallon fiber grow pots.

I basically want to grow the biggest 12 plants I can indoors. I will be topping all the plants as well.

My questions come down to my room size and lighting.

My grow room is a spare bedroom that is 14x12x8.5 ft and I am wondering should I use all the space that I have and space the plants out, or should I make a temporary wall/curtain and block off some of the excess space since I'm only growing 12 plants.

I ordered 20 seeds and will germinate them all at once and veg them for 8 weeks before I switch to flower and see who my ladies are. Hopefully I end up w/ at least 12 girls.

My next question comes down to lighting. I am going to go LED w/ topledgrowlight, but I am not sure which lights I should get for max yield.

Should I get 2 Mars II 1200w - which would be 1 light per 6 plants

or should I get 4 Reflector LED 144x3w - which would be 1 light per 3 plants in a staggered setup.

I know if I want to use CO2 it would be wise for me to shrink the room a bit so I don't waste the precious gas, but will it be worth my time and money to do so. Are the gains worth all the trouble of putting up a temporary wall that is sealed off?

Thanks for any advice and happy growing to all!!


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Re: Grow Room setup advice: lighting options and size of room q's for experienced gro

Anyone w/ any LED experience care to share some knowledge?
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