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Grow room ventilation


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Hi guys I have a 3 by 3 by 6 grow closet with a 168 cfm inline fan connected to a carbon filter rated for 200 cfms with a 4 inch hole cut for intake. I am running a viparspectra 600 led and this set up is working great for now. But for the winter instead of heating my grow closet (since the intake is coming from outside), I was thinking of buying a 400 w HPS/MH light, would this be adequate to heat my grow room from temps around 40 degrees? Plus should I get a wing hood or air cooled in my situation? Thanks!

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Perhaps get a air cooled hood for summer and remove the tube for winter


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from experience i know plants grow perfectly fine in 18-20degrees conditions aswell, in flower id even recommend a 20degrees instead a 25 or higher. i wouldnt want my growroom at 40 degrees at all ! id never go over 29! also check if ur having sativa or indica plants,

check Best Temperature for Growing Cannabis - Zativo
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