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Grow Shelf


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In the future I'm going to use a pair of bookshelves i have and combine them together to make a grow box. It's gonna be 3ft 1in tall, 1ft 10in deep, 3ft wide (pretty small).
Is this enough space for bagseed?
Should i LST it from the begining or is it possible to put it in flower (12/12 right?) once its like 1/2 foot tall?

Ive grown before as like a test and i had one plant that grew 5 days from seed under a 100 watt light.
It was on its 3rd set of leaves but my cat got to it and killed it.

Herb Fellow

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It is going to be really tough to grow in such a short space. I'm growing lowryders and have approximately 41" from floor to top of light.
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