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Grow Tent Air Intake Light Baffle


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With summer coming on I noticed that there was direct bright sunlight hitting the air intake vent on my 4x4 grow tent.


So I took the box that the duct fan came in and made myself a custom light baffle for the vent. I cut air holes at the bottom and took the flap from the box and slanted it diagonally across the air path and put a hole in it for air passage. Then I cut a bottom air duct in it and made a flap out of it to baffle the light. Next is a stop at the hardware store for some flat black paint to paint it and it should cut out 99% of the light from the tent.

Here it is installed, I had to custom form it to fit and I installed an extension flap to cover some of the vent I couldn't box over. I had to make so I could remove it temporarily for nutrient changes and stuff.

Calyx Hunter

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I made one too and even had replaceable filters on mine. Then someone on here suggested something to me that was waaaaaay easier. I've closed off all of the meshed vents. Now I only use a bottom duct port and just have about 4 feet of ducting curl on the inside bottom of the tent under the drain table. I have the intake on the outside of the tent carbon filtered to also block light, bugs and dust.

I see a decent amount of dust built up on the outside of your mesh. Before I closed mine up for good I used cheap $1 furnace filters velcroed to the outside of the tent to prevent dust from building up and entering the tent. Those mesh ports really should not to be considered filters. They prevent large bugs from entering but thats about it. I don't think I will ever open up the mesh rectangle ports again.
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