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Grow tent + auto haze


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so i need a bit of help here, im picking up my grow tent (4x4x7) inline fan , cooltube and carbon filter. I already have a 1000w ballast and light setup,soil and everything else. I think i will be on a 18/6. Now i also have 25 auto haze seeds aswell as 3 gallon pots for each. The top of the pot is 9' long making my tent fit 25 pots with a few inches on the outter edges. Now when i was at the seedbank/vapour lounge the auto haze they had the plants didnt even grow wider then the pot and it was ready for harvest(estimating 2 1/2oz off it) so i dont believe i should be worried about space as they only grow for 9 weeks and no higher then my knee, should i be concerned about watt per plant? now WILL space be an issue beyond my knowledge? anyone who has planted autos how much did they harvest? any knowledge or information regarding mysetup or suggestions is most definately welcome.

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I'm sure an answer will show. I am sorry you need the answer so fast.
Having only been posted since dinner time yesterday, I would say that you will probably have the answer by this eve.

I could answer the question but I don't have much experience indoors, none w/tents so I will leave it for someone w/a personal experience answer for you!

I'm sure someone will be along shortly... cheers!


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I think space could be an issue....I assume the are dinafem auto haze seeds? Auto means they should all be females so you shouldn't be culling any of them.

25 3 gallon pots in a 4x4 tent is tight! And when you add a 1000 watt HID to a fully loaded 4 x 4 tent, heat will be an issue as well.

I ran some dinafem auto haze plants in 2 gallon hempy pots and they got pretty big. I topped them to control height and I would say they were still close to 30" tall. So if you don't top and have them in 3 gallon pots, they can get substantial in size. If you do top them, they won't get as tall but they will get bushier and you don't have room in your tent for 25 big bushy girls.....Will this be a SOG or SCog grow?

I never weighed my harvest (just for me so I don't care about total weight I guess) but I suppose it was close to 56 grams. I trimmed up the bottom couple of branches along with the topping to concentrate on larger cola's.

For an auto, the smoke was/is great. The smell wasn't that bad during flower. In the jar, they smell killer. A good mix of body and head stone....Seems to get me "high" for a short while then it turns to a more "stoned" body buzz. Not overly potent but not too shabby either.

Very easy grow, but everything in hempy is easy.

peace and harvests and good luck.....


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Yo kayla im confused!!! 9" goes into 48" like 5 times! That means like you gonna cube them into a square right! Ive got a 4x5 cubed in and it has 10" pots and it fits 9 only! Height is not your issue here!!!!! Once they canapy up youll be in trouble for light!!!!! Are you sidelighing?


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Yo kayla im confused!!! 9" goes into 48" like 5 times! That means like you gonna cube them into a square right! Ive got a 4x5 cubed in and it has 10" pots and it fits 9 only!

4x5 cubed?

If his pots are 9" square with no lip, he can fit 25 in his tent with 1½" space around the perimeter.

Watering/feeding and removing the runoff might be "interesting."
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