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Grow Tent Help Needed!


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My 4in inline drove me crazy. I found it to be loud. Others may disagree with me, but thats how shit rolls. You will not know how loud a fan is until you turn that sucker on. The 6in with a controller set to a lower speed may be quieter than a 4in full speed.

The carbon filter will stop the smell. My small 4in carbon has stopped all odor, and I'm on week 3 of flower. Will it stop all of the smell during late flower? Dunno.


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Bought the Apollo 6" with filter and it was way too powerful and heavy; larger than I expected too.I had the thing on low and it practically sucked my tent out the window, even when it was on low. Was worried my tent would break holding up the huge filter. So I'm going with the 4". My tent is 48x32x60.


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Thats the fan/speed controller i have. Its fairly quiet. It sucks in the sides of my 3x2 really nicely when i close all the flaps. I have it hooked to a carbon filter pulling air out and for intake i have some 6in ducting coming in through a bottom port. At the end i stuck the ducting inside of a 6in square cardboard box and cut a hole that fits over one of my apartments central air registers. It pulls cool a/c air in and makes it possible to run a 400w mh/hps with 2 300 watt old style mars lights while keeping the 3x2 tent temps in the high 70s/low 80s.
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