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Grow Tent Set-Up


Hey gang!

I went through my first Grow last year and my yield was sub-par in my opinion. Three plants yielded 3oz in total. You can see Grow info below.

Strain: Harlequin
75% Sativia 25% Indica

Pot: 7gal

Media: soil

Nutes: Fox Farms

Room: 4.5' x 4.5' x 6.5' tent

Light: 1200w LED

Ventilation: 1 x 450 cfm with charcoal filter for extraction only. 2 stationary fans.

Temps: 82 - 85 F

I decided to hold off on growing again until I have a better set-up. My tent is in a 10' x 10' room above my bedroom and it is hot up there in the warmer months.I struggled with temps throughout the Grow.

I am changing a couple of things. See attached photos of new set up.

Light: 400w MH/HPS Cooled Hood

Ventilation: Added 450 cfm inline to cool hood and two oscillating 16" fans

Pots: Super root air pots

Media: Fox Farms Happy Frog and Ocean Forest mix for veg and flower

Added a germination/cleaning station.

I have two questions:

1) Should I add a 4" 200 cfm inline fan to pull outside air into the tent? Is that enough if I have 450 cfm extraction?

2) Will a stand alone a/c unit help control the temps?

Thanks for your help!

Why Doe

New Member
I find it kind of crazy that you only got 3 oz, that looks like a really good set up. I just completed my first grow, I only grew one plant. It was an autoflower blueberry that went for 66 days and only 2 feet tall under a 450w led, It yielded 12oz, drying right now so hopefully 6-8oz. I think that's a record breaking miracle tho.. it was probably the heat that gave you the bad experience, they should stay in the 70s also I would move that carbon filter to the top, heat rises and they suck out hot air. I would honestly get two of them like I have. A ac unit would defiantly help you, expensive tho. Why did you switch to hps? That's only going to make regulating the temps harder. LED is king!
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