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I am a first time grower and am looking at tents for hydroponic indoor planting. Do the tents use fans? I am looking for odor control. I was thinking about led lights too. The ready made cabinets are expensive so I am looking for a cheaper way to grow a few plants. Any help is appreciated :thanks:

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You're going to want, at minimal two fans. The first is just a typical oscillating fan to blow on your plants. This helps with humidity and also strengthens the stems.

The second fan would be an inline exhaust fan coupled with a carbon filter (for odor control) and the appropriate ducting.

The size of your tent, ambient (outside the tent) temperature and humidity, wattage of lights, and distance from canopy to lights all come into play when choosing filter and fan size. Just make sure to buy a fan speed controller.

I just have passive air intake in both of my tents. There's little flaps at the bottom that will open slightly as the exhaust fan are on. Other people use a third fan to force fresh air into the bottom of the tent. This can also include a HEPA filter.

Some places sell fan kits that include all necessary components in on package. I was going to give you a link to our sponsor Perfect Gardens but it looks like they are no longer doing the fan kits. They do offer complete tent packages though.

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