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GROWant G5 Hi-Par 800 Flowering Review By Remedy808


Wuddup 420!! Here it is, as promised. My complete review, flowering start to finish, with the GrowANT G5 HiPAR series 800 watt led grow light! First of all, I would like to say that I am no way affiliated to any grow companies. I'm just an average guy, using my own money to grow my own medicine. This will be an open, honest review of the GrowANT light and my personal results using this product. I hope this may be helpful to someone in this community! Lets get to it!

I had tried previous generation led's with lackluster results. Just couldn't get the intensity to put out nugs dense enough to compete with hps. I went back to two 600w lights in my 4x8 grow tent. With this purchase, I intented to cover the same footprint with a total power draw less than one 600 watt light. The power draw from each light is estimated at 270 watts.

Upon purchase, I was immediately contacted by GrowANT's customer service department thanking me for my purchase and providing their contact info if I have any problems. Terrific first impression of the company!

Shipping was incredibly quick. I live in Hawaii and everything gets here slow! In less than a week I had both lights show up in unmarked boxes. Under the plain wrapping is a good looking, green box with a picture of the grow light on the cover.

Inside the box is also a very thorough users manual. It shows light spectrum, par values, and user instructions. The manual recommends hanging the light 24 inches above your canopy. At this height, par values in the corners on the 4x4 footprint are intense enough to flower on paper. This light comes in a smart version, with programmable light spectrums, simulated sunrises and sunsets, timers, and wireless syncing, even thunderstorms(not quite sure why but it looks awesome!). They look pretty incredible. Especially the UV and IR baths at sunrise and sunset. I opted for the original version based on price ($200 difference). In the future I'm hoping to get my hands on one of the smart lights to do another evaluation.

The light itself is beautiful. I opted for the black version, it also comes in grey. Both colors look terrific. Its sleek, slender design is very impressive. The light must be less than an inch and a half thick.

Each light is powered by two drivers. Yes, very unusual. I wasnt expecting that at all. Not a huge issue. You just need the outlet space. Four plugs for two lights. The drivers have long cords, good for placing them outside of the grow tent. This is useful because the drivers do put out quite a bit of heat.

Each light has two cooling fans. The entire back of the light is basically one big heat sink intended to keep the lights from overheating. The lights will stop working if the fans stop spinning to ensure the longevity of the unit. There definitely is some heat coming off the lights themselves, even when placing the ballasts outside the tent. If you are growing in a tent, you'll want to exhaust the heat.

When first plugging in the unit, I was immediately amazed by how intense the OSRAM led's are on this light. I have used previous generation led's, but nothing has come close to being this intense. It is almost impossible to look at with the naked eye. When you leave the room, colors will look distorted to your eyes. Grow room glasses are a MUST for this unit!!

The light comes with a hardware to hang the light in a grow tent. The way they intend you to set it up hangs the light a little far off the top of the tent. If you intent to hang it fairly close to the top of your tent, you might need to make some adjustments. Nothing major.

My grow room is a controlled environment with air conditioning and a dehumidifier. Absolutely essential for indoor growing in Hawaii! For this grow, I had a 15 plant grow in fox farms soil using general organics nutrients. Ph and ppm always on point. Strains for this grow included TahoeOG and 22 from Cali connection, kosher tangie from DNA, sour diesel from Riserva Privada, and GDP from Blimburn. For the record, I did not do any vegging under this light. Lights were used strictly for the flowering cycle.

From the first day I switched to this light, the plants responded positively, reaching for the light. I hung the light at the recommended level of 24 inches and experienced no light burn whatsoever. I tried to keep the lights at the recommended level throughout flowering to test canopy coverage.

Throughout the flowering process, i was blown away by how healthy the plants were under the light. Healthy, vibrant pistils taking off from the very beginning of flowering. Early trichome production. When the bud sites began to form, they were compact and dense. Not the fluff you get from inadequately powered led's.

One thing I did notice that was different with this grow was the earlier than usual color change on the pistils of the plants. The hairs were orange earlier in the flowering process on a couple of the strains. It did not effect the health of the plant at all, but it was interesting. Maybe the strength of the UV or IR bulbs? Just a wild guess!

During the flowering process, I had a problem with one of the ballasts. It stopped supplying power, so that half of the light shut down. I contacted the number for customer service that was provided to me with my initial welcome email. My email was answered immediately and they shipped me a new ballast priority mail. Fantastic customer service! Ive had to go through other companies amd send my lights back during flowering with no concern over my situation. Not with GrowANT. Seriously, top notch service, which is hard to come by now days.

Ill get to the finished results. I know thats all people really want to know!.. My pictures will be included in this post and the next to show you the results, as well as some pics throughout the grow. Keep in mind, I did this grow off of 540 TOTAL WATTS in lighting. I did not maximize the canopy space. I was pheno hunting and had some unruly plants! Next grow is a 3 plant, 4x8 scrog under the same lights to maximize yield. Just started flowering, ill do another update to show whats really possible if you maximize the yield under this amazing light. Stay tuned!

So here it is guys and gals!

I yielded over 18 ounces of dried, tightly trimmed, fat, dense bugs covered in trichomes. When I say covered in trichomes, I mean it looks like you tossed the buds into a swimming pool of crystals. Every piece you break open looks the same way, dripping wet in trichomes. The bag appeal unreal. The colors great. Smells unreal. The most impressive thing to me was the rock solid buds this light produced. Ive been flowering under a 2x600 watt hps air cooled set up. These buds from these GrowANT 800 lights DEFINITELY SURPASSED the size and density of buds from my 600 watt light, drawing LESS THAN HALF THE POWER!!!

I'm blown away!

Here are a few pics of the lights, the grow, and some of the final results. If you have any questions, id be glad to try and help. Ive found so much great info on this site, I just want to give back anyway I can!

Thanks for your time! Enjoy the pics! Aloha from


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Thanks for the review. And Aloha!


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