GROWant Journal - SIPs & Living Organic Soil - Sub Irrigated Planter

They're auto's. That's what's wrong the ruderalis gene making them fucked up
I owe u and growant an apology. I was led to believe that i was a victim in bs. This was untrue and ive got my plantz to say otherwise. They are striving and hope no more ill will come your way. 420 is a place for positivity. You represent that idea and i encourage others to see your and the lights potential. Peace!
Not the best photos but here's how the autos are coming along.

Fast and Vast
Damn things are moving along quickly last I was here you weren't nearly as far along.

If only they all looked like The Wipeout Express. The others just didn't do well in the Sip containers. -♂️
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