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Grower With An Open Door Policy

Jim Finnel

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An alleged drug dealer with $40,000 worth of marijuana in the basement was caught on a fluke after leaving the house with a door open and no one inside.

Ferndale police will seek an arrest warrant this week for the homeowner who allegedly had a fairly high-tech pot-growing operation with 11 large marijuana plants, dryers, heaters, grow lights and specialized ventilation equipment.

The plants are worth an estimated $3,000 to $4,000 each, police said.

Investigators said the operation was uncovered at 1:36 p.m. Monday when a patrol officer near Flowerdale and Eight Mile Road noticed a house with the side door standing wide open.

Concerned because of a rash of recent home invasions in the area, they decided to make sure the resident was safe, Lt. Norman Raymond said.

"The officers called into the house," Raymond said in a press release. "Receiving no answer they entered and proceeded to investigate further in the event potential perpetrators were still inside."

They found no perpetrators, but they did find evidence of illegal activity. After they saw the pot, police got a search warrant for the house and found "many" plastic bags of marijuana packaged for delivery. They also found firearms and cash, Raymond said.

Officers said they identified the homeowner and expect to file charges against that person this week with the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.


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wow first going into the home without a warrant and then coming back with it, after already entering the house and finding the weed. we all know he's gonna get off on it.


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#3, if you leave the door open - call me. I'll go close it
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