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Growers etiquette?


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I have a friend with a greenhouse. He is in a wheelchair and a lot of pain but weed helps him alot. I can't get out to the greenhouse everyday so there is another "patient" who helps out day to day sometimes. He's not very reliable....

Anyway, we had a harvest a few weeks ago and after hanging the plants for a few days he took his share. I told him how to cure it, but he didn't follow instructions and it all molded.

What would you guys do? Tell him tough luck or give him some of the still good remaining. I'm inclined to give him maybe 1/3rd of what he had, but I'm feeling generous since we just had a harvest.


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if you give him some now, then hell expect that if anything happens to him next time youll get his back...

explain that you told him he didnt follow directions thats the results atleast next time hell be aware and take care of it.

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I think everyone tends to feel generous just after they harvest. The problem comes when your stash starts to run dry. That's when you curse yourself for being so kind.


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I would smoke him up, but sure wouldn't be replacing the stuff that he fucked up. I mean, I'd offer to cure it for him next time if he doesn't think he can handle it, and probably smoke him up whenever I had the chance, but I definitely would not feel obligated to compensate him for his mistake.


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It was the unreliable guy who messed up, the rest I've been monitoring and is okay. I agree with smokin.moose a lot also, right now I feel generous.

We agreed to take his bag of mold in trade for some of the unmolded. That way I'm sure it doesn't end up on the street.

We almost started letting him mix nutriants, but thankfully that was only done under supervison.

Not sure what to do with the bad of mold, might try water curring it and then cooking with it. It should be usefull for experiments anyway.


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me personally, i would smoke him out, but i wouldnt let him have my stash...maybe a quater or so, tops. tell him, next time, he wont be so lucky...


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Sounds like you've already done more than your fair share. What did he do, just stack it up?


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He took a big handfull and just put it out on a table, the rest he put in a tupperware container. He didn't check on the stuff in the container until he had smoked everything he left out - three days later......

I told him to throw it all into a paper bag and leave the top open. That's the state it's in now, pretty dry. The mold isn't still growing, but all the buds looks like they have grey chicken pox.

We gave him 20% of the amount he returned, and I'll probalbly regret that in a few months.
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