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Whilst being stoned I mixed a ton a bag seed to a ton of White Widow. I have tried growing two or three plants here ad there but they have always been males. What I am thinking of doing is buying a seedingling tray seeding my whole stash and hoping I get ten to 15 to grow from there I hope to have clones from all the plants and hope that at least 5 turn out to be girls. I have about 40 seeds 20 WW about 20 bag. My questions are is it a good idea to grow them all at one time? and can I seed directly into the soil? I will be using FF ocean forest soil in a newly built grow room and well ventilation. I only have one 400 hps but that should be enough for my estimated 5 plants. Please advise if I am making a mistake.


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I think you know the answer. If you have room and light capacity you could grow them all. You could try a SOG style grow and have them a couple weeks apart while maintaining a mother in another area. That way you'd never run out cuz you'd be harvesting every couple weeks.

One more'd be well served if you grew the same kind "at once", that way they all have similar traits and timelines. You never know if you have WW and bag if they'll come out the same time wise. That would screw up your SOG timing.
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