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Growing cannabis for RAW consumption

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Hi everybody !

So recently I came across this whole idea of RAW cannabis consumption.

I was wondering if certain strains would be more appropriate then others.

Also, it seems like in this approach, the leaves themselves become the point of interest.

Does that mean that one could grow males and females and harvest leaves indifferently ?

Also, does one have to go through flowering process, or would it be preferable to just keep a few plants in veg and pick up some leaves here and there !

Thanks for reading and sharing your views !
Thats an interesting video man,
yes using the leaves and that to make edibles or juice would work, if not dried or anything it probably wouldn't get you very high
but yes i could imagine you would still get the medical benefits like its anti inflammatory property's and the likes.:high-five:

i would still say you should let the plant flower,
if the leaves contain only around 5% of the cannabinoids in the whole plant and the buds around 95%
in theory if you had 100g of bud and 100g of leaf you would need 95g of leaf to achieve the same effect of 5g of bud

im not saying don't use the leaves, i use them for edibles and smioke the bud
but if you don't smoke you should use buds and leaves to make your edibles.

if your not interested in getting high and just want medicinal effects you should look
into these new strains coming out with no thc, they are just bread for cbd :thumb:


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Wow.. that poor girl in the video. I'd like to say I feel bad for her, but thanks to Cannabis she's made an amazing recovery, There's really nothing to feel bad for anymore.

After seeing this stuff, I will definitely plan on doing some juicing! Cannabis salad sounds like a great idea as well.

It's funny.. I can't think of a single synthetic drug out there, that can benefit and aid in treatment and recovery of so many ailments as Cannabis does.


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MED GOM 1.0 Guarantees 4% CBD, and as high as 15% CBD. With 4%-10% THC

Currently out of Stock at Herbie's. I actually just picked some up in my last order, and will be growing it next.
! CBD Crew Med GOM Auto 1.0 Feminised Autoflowering Seeds - Updated:7th Mar 2014

It says it was a strain bred by GrassOMatic and CBD Crew, but neither lists it on their website. There isn't much information available to specify CBDa content though. Just a general CBD level.
My Dad and I are trying out juicing raw cannabis to help with the alzheimer's that runs in our family. My mom and I have been using regular tinctures and CBD only oil to treat chronic pain and neuropathy.

As for strains I have ordered a good ole afghani Indica we hope to cross with a Sour tooth that some friends are growing. The Sour Tooth all on its own has been awesome medicine. Originally our plant came from Cali seed but I don't know where other than that. I know Kingdom Organic Seeds has a few nice high CBD strains. You can find them at The Hemp Depot.
Hi - new user here from N.California - MMJ cardholder, have been growing for a while. I saw the Leaf video a while back and started just eating the leaves in smoothies, since it takes a LOT of leaf to juice and you throw some goodness away in pulp. I felt better, nothing great but better.

Then I started using fresh frozen (picked, then frozen - not dried) buds in smoothies and wow! My joints are all much more flexible, depression is lifted, energy and stamina are up, improved focus and thinking, skin has improved, and the list goes on. Really - it's like the fountain of youth in some respects.

Friends who've been eating fresh buds in their morning smoothies are experiencing similar benefits - and unless you eat a lot in a smoothie (I use about 7gm/day +/-) you don't feel high. Sativas tend to increase energy (one friend said it felt like speed), indicas not so much but still increases it a little bit. One other friend who had kidney problems, after a few months eating the flowers had her Dr. report her kidneys now function fine. No joke, not a cousin of a friend's brother's uncle but a person I know first hand. Every strain has benefits - and I sorta think using as many different kinds as you can will help you better than just one.

If you get a chance, try some in a smoothie - adjust for effect and keep it up for a week or three if possible. I'm old and I feel easily 20yrs younger. Some folks even bought a small freezer just for this - it's that important to them to have it handy.
Hi Jt, I was watching videos today about juicing cannabis and found one with a guy dressed like a chef who put 5 to 8 big shade leaves in a banana peach smoothy with hemp protein, honey, ice, and vit. D milk. He blended it up in a good blender and I tried the same thing. Now I feel like I want one every day since I have a good Oster blender I can put to good use. The concept of becoming increadably healthy by drinking raw cannabis leaves is very exciting. Thanks for your thread.
Munching on some GDP nugs right now... My breath smells amazing hahaha...

Takes a while but beginning to feel the high... Starting behind the eyes but I can feel it creeping in!