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Growing clones outdoors


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I have Clones and they are only 4-8 inches Tall.. this is my first time growing clones that are use to 24/7 light.. ive been turnin the light off every other day, im now up to havin them in the dark for 6 hrs. i was told once ur at 18/6 then there ready to be planted outdoors..anyone know?? should i wait til they grow til there atleast a foot then put em outside or put them outside now and jus let them do there thang.. I live in northern cali and its been raining lately i dont wanna flood them out. Does anyone know if its ok to put them outside now? im hopin the weather gets better last wk we were in the high 80's now its raining..I wanna put these girls outside..


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What up lampedout,
let me just start off with that i also bought my very first clone thinking that i was going to put her outside, but it didnt happen that way, due to the weather here as well... I live in socal, so im just south of you. Now as far as i know the clones should be kept inside under lighting for the first week of rooting.
When i got mine, it was a hydro clone then i had to bring it home and plant it into soil, so i kept under light for the week and i had it under 18/6 lighting, i read in a book that if you use the 24 hr lighting you are just wasting 6 hrs of electricity, lol anyways during the veg stage you dont have to worry about the 6hrs of total darkness, just make sure she is not getting alot cus she will start streching for it, but yea, as long as you have about 15 to 18 hrs of light she will stay in veg, its when you switch her over to 12/12 you have to make sure that dark time stays dark!!! The only thing that you can use to not harm her during sleep time is to use a green bulb, the plant reflects green light instead of taking it in, and try not to keep it on for longer than 5 min... Hit me back if you have any more questions,

im a learner trying to help spread the knowledge that i obtain for this!!! So if you have any suggestions i am always here for the taking on that!!!

Good luck!!!


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I agree, better grow it indoors for at least a week to get the roots settled in and growing, then plop her outdoors, she may initially burn cause the sun is alot brighter and hotter than indoor lighting and conditions, but afterwards, she should shoot up very fast and bushy. Also note that you'll need to water either every day, or every other day cause the sun dries them out alot faster than indoor lighting. :goodluck:


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If it's a clone it is sexually mature. If you put a plant outside now it will have a reduced photo period and go into flower. Best to wait until a little closer to Summer Solstice, June 21st, when the days are the longest.
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