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Growing Crop King seeds in Argentina


Hi guys,
My name is Federico and I just germinated with the paper towel method 2 auto fem white widows and 3 CBD auto cheese. The roots came out whiten hours of putting them on paper towels. After 24 hrs they've already developed 1/2 to 1 inch roots and I just placed them in their 7 gallon containers in plain potting organic soil. They will be grown in pots but outside. It's summer here now and temp are in the mid-upper 30's. How long till first couple leaves emerge?


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4 seedlings out of five emerged after 24 hrs
2 auto fem white widows and 2 CBD auto cheese
1 CBD auto cheese remaining to emerge for 100% germination
All four seedling seem healthy. One white widow, surprisingly the one that showed more vigour at time of root emergence came out with cotyledons stuck together. I performed a minor "intervention" to open them up and now first pair of leaves are free.
Very happy so far!
Happy New Year to all!
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4 days old seedlings


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I'm not a soil expert but have read a lot about it.

One thing to consider is the richness of the soil you have just planted them in. It looks great and the princesses seem very happy.

Because of the autos grow speed, you may not need or want to add any fertilizer to these. How you watch the grow and assess that - that I don't know.

My theory is that slightly underfed is better than over fed. Porperly ph'd good water is all they need.


Hello to all,
One of my CBD Auto Cheese started to show flowers but it's not even 10 cm tall?
Is that the norm for auto flowering plants?
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